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So Friday was my birthday.

I would have mentioned it but obviously I had more pressing matters to discuss with you like my new coffee pot. Because that clearly couldn’t wait.

I had a really nice birthday.

I mean, I was a little disappointed that my husband didn’t surprise me with a flash mob dance to One Direction’s song, What Makes You Beautiful.

I hung out at the mall for like two hours waiting for it to happen but then realized Rick might have actually meant it when he said he was going to work.

But he did post this on Facebook…

I mean, that is seriously sweet.

He was only outdone by my friend Smeredith who texted me soon afterward…

As part of my birthday weekend extravaganza, I went with a couple friends to B.B. King Blues Club in Times Square on Sunday for a buffet brunch and performance by the Harlem Gospel Choir.

Do not ever do this. Do not be seduced by their offerings of cornmeal crusted catfish and shrimp sausage jambalaya that are “guaranteed to fill the hole in your soul.” It will not.

You will drive around for 45 minutes looking for parking, eat extremely mediocre southern food and then listen to some guy sing about how he is a friend of God. Or God is a friend of his. Or something. The point is – if God really is a friend of his, he should immediately ask his holiness for some better tasting cornmeal crusted catfish.

We left early. Very early. And instead, we hung out at those weird pedestrian tables in the middle of Time Square. Which was actually very enjoyable. So thank you to King Bloomberg for doing away with all those functional yet pesky car lanes and putting in some nice leisure space.

So it looks like I’ve wrapped up another birthday. And I guess the messages and texts I receive will now be less about my eternal beauty and more like this…

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