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This post is sponsored by PediaSure Sidekicks.

I have five kids. And I feed them all the same thing. Wood oven roasted main lobster, pan roasted scallops with smoked tomato and sweet pea risotto, duck confit with cream lentils, that sort of thing.

Okay fine… turkey tacos, chicken, mac and cheese, pork chops, etc.

And despite the fact that I pretty much expose these children to the exact same foods, they have completely different eating habits. I’ve got a kid who eats olives for breakfast. And another child who only likes carbs with a side of carbs.

The carb girl is my 9 year old daughter Summer. She is soooo limited in what she likes I can’t imagine she is getting the nutrition she needs. Which is why I was very interested when PediaSure offered to let my kids try PediaSure Sidekicks.

These shakes (which come in chocolate, strawberry or vanilla) have 7g protein, 3g of fiber and 25 essential vitamins and minerals. They also are gluten-free, kosher and okay for kids with lactose intolerance.

So I headed on over to Walmart with 3 year old Cash. Could this kid be a PediaSure model or what?!



We found these shakes in the baby section of the store (although they aren’t just for little kids!)

In fact this drink is meant for children like 9 year old Summer who need some nutrition to fill in the gaps. As you can see, the list of foods she doesn’t like is long….

I think many kids would dig these shakes as a snack or special treat. My 11 year old daughter Dylan seems to be getting into it…

You can even add them to recipes. Want to try PediaSure Sidekicks? Here’s some discounts and click here for more info about these shakes. Enjoy.

I have been compensated by PediaSure for this post; however, I am sharing my own thoughts. All opinions are my own.

4 Responses to nutrition for the picky eater

  • Patrick says:

    Nutritional shakes ROCK!!!! I’ve been a voluntary user for years, for a quick pick-me-up during the day, an energy boost as I head into the gym, or for an actual meal when I’m rushed or just too lazy to do anything else.

  • Daphne says:

    For some reason when your videos are not playing they are showing a cartoon image of a pink and blue figure going at it doggy-style. Little weird…

  • Mama J says:

    Really? This day and age and you can’t find a better choice to fuel your picky children’s health needs than pediasure?? Did you read the ingredients? 1/3 of the main ingredients are sugar! Added sugar!! I’m truly disappointed that you would choose such a poor substitute for real fruit and veggies. Even more disappointed that you would sellout and peddle these horrible products for the sake of the almighty dollar. 🙁
    17 grams of sugar in one serving of these drinks is equal to nearly 2 TABLESPOONS!! Would you ever allow your kids to drink a plain 8 oz glass of water with that much sugar added? So many better alternatives…

  • Marya says:

    My picky son loves Pediasure, which is quite a miracle as he is very picky and hates everything related to milk. It is the most efficient way recommend by our paed to get him back on track instead of staying underweight.

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