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I am so obsessed with Project Runway that I’ve considered putting on a diaper (astronaut style) and hoofing more than 20 blocks uptown to the garment district to declare my love for Tim Gunn and the rest of Heidi’s gang. I’ve even thought about watching it in real time (commercials and all). So far I’m holding onto a tidbit of dignity and still doing the DVR thing. The show is simply brilliant.

christians-episode-2-project-runway-outfit.jpgIn episode 2, the arrival of Miss Queen Bitten Bee, Sarah Jessica Parker, had all the gay contestants gasping for air and practically drowning in their own tears. We are not worthy. And SJP was so darn sweet, especially when critiquing Christian’s misguided 80’s throwback (seen here), that it just made me heart her even more. Another mama at Blog con Queso, is hauling her cookies 30 miles to check out SJP’s discount line at Steve & Barry’s. So I’m anxiously waiting for the 4-1-1 on our trio (Steve, Barry and Sarah Jessica). Meanwhile, let’s move on to poor Tiki.

Tiki Barber showed up in episode 3 and there was just no love in the fashion house for that man. Nobody really even recognized the great football running back and current correspondent for the “Today Show.” And men’s wear? B.O.R.I.N.G. Or not. carmens-episode-3-project-runway-look.jpgApparently, these designers don’t really do men’s wear so some very creative garbs went down the runway – like this fetching look by Carmen. Um… she apparently ran out of time and didn’t quite get to the shirt. Auf Wiedersehen Carm. We hardly knew yuh.

Earlier, Tiki’s blase wife made a brief appearance in the workroom to critique the “in progress” designs. I’m sure most of her uninspiring and lackluster footage ended up on the cutting room floor. But it was a dishy, yummy treat to see some nearly nude male models for once. And Michael Kors is by far my fave judge with snarky comments like, “that crotch is INSANE!” I thought Crazy Eddie was in the room.

My Project Runway infatuation is perhaps fueled in part by the ongoing writer’s strike. I miss the Daily Show. I long for Saturday Night Live. In fact, this past Saturday night my husband and I saw SNL actors Amy Poehler and Seth Meyers eating at a pub in the west village. We do get our share of celeb sightings in this ‘hood and like a too-cool-for-school New Yorker, I would never say a word to any of them. But I was weak. I was foolish. I was lonely for them. As we passed by I said, “I miss you guys.” And they genuinely seemed to appreciate the unsolicited sentiment (read: total pathetic invasion of privacy).

So for now I live for the runway. Must leave you now. I’ve gotta head to the TRESemmé Hair Salon and L’Oreal Makeup Room to prep for Wednesday. I may even utilize the the Bluefly accessory wall on my way there.

Note: My apologies to anyone who doesn’t actually watch this show. I promise to be back tomorrow with tales OFF the catwalk.

mama bird notes
Congrats to Sandra Schwartz who won the Hayden-Harnett bag! Go Sandra. Go Sandra. Please no mama tears (sniff sniff) if you didn’t win because I promise, I’m putting together a December giveaway package. So you’ll have another chance soon to win some free, cool stuff. Details coming soon.

5 Responses to notes from the runway

  • franny says:

    OK, You lost me at "hello". Proj. R-way is not on my radar screen (which you may have guessed by seeing MY wardrobe). The leaves are still falling furiously in suburbia and today they predict "gusting wind", which oughta really screw up my Kilamanjaro pile at the curb. Curses, foiled

  • Erin says:

    Oh I laughed the whole way through this post- LOVE IT!!This show is the BEST! If I lived in the city I would stalk Tim Gunn- "Make it work people"… For those of you NOT tuning in you really must check it out- crazy clothes making, people getting the boot by a super model…doesn't get much better than this! And trust me its not that hard to follow if you just tune in…if your designed piece sucks than you are OUT! ok no one but fellow watchers even have a clue what I am rambling about. it's sooo worth a tivo!!!!

  • Kerry says:

    i think i need to tune in…life in the 'burbs is pretty bleak come winter and i could use some spice. and, on the celeb-sighting front, i'm ashamed to admit that i made sure to talk to dakota fanning at serendipity (so un-chic!) a few years ago…"uh, your jacket is falling off your chair…" ok, now that's pathetic. and not spicy at all.

  • Abby Siegel says:

    Speaking of celebrity sightings, I met The Fonz a few weeks ago. We got a pic and he played with my hair! It was kinda creepy….then lo and behold the other night I ran into Ron Howard outside Starbucks! It was too late to say anything when I all of the sudden remembered I knew his buddy.

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