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girl-scoutcook-4I was thinking of signing my older girls up for Girl Scouts again this year.

Honestly, it would mostly be for direct access to an unlimited amount of Samoas but I also like that it’s character building to sell cookies door to door. The organization also teaches good values and the importance of volunteer work.

I was also thinking of not doing it because I loathe putting on those patches.

And because my daughter once fell in a shark tank during a Girl Scout outing but that was hardly their fault.

Last week, there was a very nice Girl Scouts representative at my daughters’ new school and I decided to sign up for more information.

Just a few hours later, I received a warm, professional email from this representative (a parent and local Girl Scout leader) inviting us to a BBQ  so my girls could meet some of the other Girl Scouts members.

Fabulous, I thought!

And then I looked at the woman’s email address.

DirtyChristianWoman at yahoo dot com.

Wait, what?!

So I googled the woman’s name and quickly found her blog called…. Confessions of a Dirty Christian. (I see a theme here.) I tentatively clicked on it, half assuming it would immediately begin funneling money out of my bank account and into some kind of international sex ring.

But it was not a scam.

And even more surprising – not a porno site.

But instead, a blog focused on this woman’s religious beliefs and practice.

She explains… “Before you get all up in arms assuming that this is some pornographic symposium, let me explain…. I label myself “dirty” as a means of expressing the “imperfect/sinful” nature of my heart. As a Christian woman the blood of my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ has made me clean, but my heart continues to sin or remain dirty until I bath in the Lords forgiveness through daily prayer in confession.”

I certainly support everyone’s personal religious beliefs. People have a right to practice whatever faith they believe in. But as a parent and Girl Scouts leader, is it really necessary or professional to have an email address calling yourself a DirtyChristianWoman?


We didn’t end up going to the BBQ because we had plans. And because I hadn’t had time to come up with a fun new email address for myself. I mean, I’m not going to be outdone by the Girls Scouts.

I haven’t made any final decisions but kelcey@HotSexyMama.com is totally a contender.

13 Responses to a very surprising email from the girl scouts.

  • Such a bad call by her to impose her personal, religious beliefs upon others via her email address. Does she not use the email address for many other purposes? Furthermore, Girl Scouts is an organization that does not affiliate itself with any creed nor does it exclude anyone from joining based on creed. Simply by using this address she begs people to ask about it (mostly its propriety!) and thus it becomes her religious soapbox. That’s a nono, Dirty Christian Woman.
    You should have replied with the email address kelcey@notcomingoverforAdamsriboranyotherBBQribs.com

  • Michele Meisner says:

    How strange. Are you going to follow it up with a call to a higher up? I think it is totally inappropriate.

  • Jeneen says:

    I agree with the other folks that commented, inappropriate on multiple levels…

    On the other hand people make really bad choices with email address all the time. My husband hired a young man out of college once even though his resume email address was something along the lines of billy_b*#ch_tits@whatever.com…

  • Bitsy says:

    It doesn’t sound like she’s imposing her beliefs, just being extremely tacky in the way she expresses them. I think she thinks she’s being edgy and cool. To me it’s just yucky.

  • Kelsey Kleiman says:

    That is so funny. Shark tank post was funny too!

    I am trying to decide whether to sign up Noa for Brownies…..

  • Patrick says:

    Yikes. . . . this woman, who may be terrific in all respects other than her judgement (though perhaps, just perhaps, judgement is more than mildly important in a girl scout leader), appears entirely willing to risk communicating to the parents of potential scouts via this particular email address; which may indicate that advancing her faith will be an inevitable part of her interactions with the girls in her order, err troop.

  • Princess Judy says:

    I’m always surprised at the email addresses people use for “professional” correspondence. I helped manage the nursing student waiting list at our school for awhile and am concerned about StonerChick420 and XTC-lover being in charge of my health care.

  • Emily says:

    Totally would not have used that email for anything other than blog correspondence. The email address for the Dirty Woman is not self-explanatory, and had no business being used for Girl Scout correspondence. As a former co-Leader for a troop, I can say that Girl Scouts tend to be held in high regard, and there are quite a few expectations that come with belonging to that group. We spoke often about character and upholding a certain image: Girl Scouts are to act professional, with good character and basically be these wholesome, well-rounded girls. They’re allowed to get goofy, of course, but in the public eye, while wearing their uniform and slinging cookies, there are standards.

  • Kate says:

    Yes, sign your girls up for Girl Scouts! Like you mentioned, the character building and skills that girls learn in Girl Scouts is more meaningful than just the cookies. And while quirky volunteers do exist, know that there are many options for girls to participate, not just troops. Find the local council’s Web site and connect with them if you’re put off by a volunteer, they’ll connect you with some other great opportunities.
    — A Girl Scout volunteer

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