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We all flew North this weekend for a Bar Mitzvah.

I booked our flights and then found out Florida schools don’t get Columbus Day off which is crazy because in the spirit of patriotism, we really should honor the guy who thought he discovered America.

We usually fly Jet Blue but didn’t this time because the flight times didn’t work.

So if you ever look at your small children and think to yourself, “Hey, I don’t really need those TV screens and free snacks on the Jet Blue flight. I’ll fly any airline.” I’m here to tell you that oh my god, you do. You really do.

We always make an impact when we fly.

I had one guy say to me, “Look at you! Jesus.” Now the “Look at you” part could have meant, “Look at you hot sexy mama!” until he got to the “Jesus” part which seemed kind of judgy and mean.

But then another woman said to me, “I love your family. So cute. So many” which was a lot warmer and much appreciated.

As soon as we landed in NYC, Dylan shouted out, “My homeland!!” so maybe she doesn’t consider herself a Floridian yet.

Our flight was delayed because of bad weather which put us in Manhattan on the way to Philadelphia at rush hour with hungry children. Now usually Rick and I would be ridiculously hopeful and think, “Hey, we’ll just get to Philly speedy quick and eat there!” but thank god, a day of travel had worn down our optimism and we stopped for dinner at the Cowgirl Cafe in the West Village.

It was fun to be back in our old hood, and we even let this random woman hold Cash so we could eat.

Cash being held by stranger

Of course, we put an ankle monitor on him! Or maybe it was an ankle bracelet. I can’t remember. I was just so happy to be eating.

On the way out of town, I took a photo of the Freedom Tower which is really beautiful and impressive in person.

Freedom Tower

Then we went to my nephew Jake’s Bar Mitzvah the next day which was very fun.

dancing at bar mitvah

In defense of Rick’s hair, it needs to be cut and there was a lot of moisture in the air. And in defense of Cash sleeping through the hora, he’s a baby.

Mostly, I spent my time trying to keep track of my children and listening to people tell my how great my dad is. I mean, people can not stop going on about the guy. How nice he is. How great he is with the kids. How much they love his track suits. I was exhausted from it so I asked my dad to be a little less awesome. He’s going to work on it.

Meanwhile, Cash slept and drooled on anyone he could. But I think his favorite might have been his Zaydie.

bruce and cash

And we even got a family photo out of it all….

Kelcey Kintner Family Photo Oct 2013

Next family photo, I am totally stealing Dylan’s red carpet pose.

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