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Many many years ago, when we had two kids and still lived in the West Village of Manhattan, Summer (age 1 1/2) and Dylan (age 3 1/2) sang their rendition of Do-Re-Mi.

Now of course, we have been trying to teach 17 month old Cash to say “doe” so that we can recreate this Sound of Music magic but he only really likes to say “hi-yuh!” which is super awesome but doesn’t really work for this particular song.

Meanwhile, the twins have been learning Do-Re-Mi too – mostly because it’s a core part of my highly acclaimed bedtime songs routine. (Mostly highly acclaimed by me but whatever.)

Well, Chase and Harlowe decided they wanted to sing it together one night after bath but before I actually brushed their hair.

And I think you will agree after you watch the video that they will probably not be joining the Von Trapp family anytime soon.

Obviously, we are going to refocus our efforts on teaching Cash “doe.”

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