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“Let’s make cupcakes!” my girls cry one afternoon.

I am in.

Baking is an awesome way to kill those late afternoon hours when it’s too dark and cold to go outside and you’ve already eaten all the good Halloween candy.

I had picked up some cake mix and icing ingredients in anticipation of such an activity.  So the girls grab their step stools and get to work adding the milk, the eggs, the oil –


We have no canola oil.

I should have tweeted. I should have called someone. Anyone.

But no. I just say to myself, “What the hell is the difference between canola oil, vegetable oil and olive oil anyway?! All those oils must be the same.”

So in the absence of canola oil, I substitute olive oil.

And we finish the cupcakes….


And they taste like an Italian olive tree.  Actually, make that an entire olive grove.

Even Dylan who counts cupcake eating as one of her hobbies says, “These are not so good.” Which is a real blow from a 5 year-old.

Thankfully, the icing still rocked.  And isn’t that the best part anyway?

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