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This weekend, we went to Hollywood, FL. Dylan immediately said, “That’s where all the celebrities are!” I had to explain that this was a different Hollywood than the one in California and there would be less celebrities and more chain smoking, erratic drivers.

Rick was conveniently at a double header softball game while I got myself and 5 kids organized for the beach. At one point, I had to run upstairs and I said to my kids…

“Cash is in the exersaucer. Please let me know if he starts crying.”

And my kids must have heard, “Cash is in the exersaucer. Please take him out. Put him in a doll baby carriage and give him a doctor check up and pretend to cut his hair.”

Because 6 minutes later, I found him like this…

Cash in playroom

Cash in playroom 2

I packed up the car and just so you know, I remembered the bathing suits, the towels, the sunscreen, the sunglasses, the goggles, the snacks, the water, the change of clothes, the beach toys, the sun umbrella and the diaper bag.

I however did not remember to check Harlowe’s shoes.

Harlowe shoes

Those are two right feet.

Conveniently, she had brought a second pair of shoes in her purse. I don’t know why a 3-year-old packs a second pair of shoes but problem solved and we went to the beach.

Cash at beach

It was insanely gorgeous and don’t be jealous because you probably have lots of friends wherever you live and Rick and I have to mostly talk to each other.

At the end of the afternoon, we went back to our cars (Rick and I had separate cars because of that very important softball extravaganza). And Rick’s car was gone.

Like not, “I can’t remember where I parked” gone but “seriously not here” gone. We couldn’t believe it. Who steals a car? On such a sunny, beautiful day? We knew we had parked it on level 2 but it was simply not there.  Do we call the police? How is Rick going to get to work the next day? How does anyone hot wire a car anyway? Is there an app for that?

“You parked right here on level two,” I said to Rick who looked more and more nauseous.

“Yup. This is definitely where I parked,” he confirmed.

“Rick, hold on a minute,” I said in my calm, reassuring voice. I ran up to level three.

The car was there.

So I’m thinking someone must have moved the car from level 2 to level 3 when we were at the beach.

15 Responses to no apple picking posts this year! we’re at the beach.

  • Tara says:

    I’ll come talk to you at the beach…..but drive up to Delray, much nicer and I’m pretty sure your car won’t go missing!

  • beachgirl says:

    Seriously I dont know how you do it!!! stay calm while precious baby # 5 is being hauled around by older siblings…packing for 5 kids and then taking 5 kids to the beach and after a hot sticky day at the beach having the presence of mind to locate lost cars!!! what are you on lady?? Please share….

  • Lisa says:

    Shoe thing happened to a friend, only it was her ten year old who was skating when they said, “let’s go.” He got in the car and the first time they stopped, probably a couple hours from home said “where are my shoes!”
    Second close call when dog saw all packing going on and got in and under seat, neighbor was going to care for the dog. They heard her tags rattle as they were backing out on a couple hour drive to major airport.
    Not sure how you do it but I love that you share it.

  • Shea says:

    I’m sad to say that we actually did call the police once to report our car missing and then found it a couple of hours later when all of a sudden it hit me that I had parked on a different street. Yup.

  • Lanie says:

    Who needs apple picking!? You can buy apples at the grocery store and them eat them at the beach :-).

    So glad that Miss. Harlowe is prepared with her extra shoes. Love, love all the pictures of the little Folbaums.

    PS when does Cash get his bird on the blog banner?

  • Getting everyone to go the beach by yourself is no easy feat. I mean, the sunblock alone takes forever. You are my hero. Who cares if you lost track of the car! You didn’t loose track of any the kids. That is the main point.

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