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8:07 pm: Rick and Kelcey pose for a picture before heading out for a Halloween party.

Kelcey’s dad recommends a tougher expression in order to pull off Amy Winehouse.

Kelcey reminds her dad that she is Priscilla Presley.

(Of course, this mistaken identity thing is exactly what happened two years ago in her efforts to be Priscilla Presley. Must remember to just be Amy Winehouse.)

9:14 pm: At the party, Rick and Kelcey run into some boobs.

9:23 pm: Kelcey and Rick hit the dance floor.

9:41 pm: Kelcey loses her clip on earrings.

9:53 pm: Kelcey loses her fake eyelashes.

10:01 pm: Kelcey is briefly molested by a smurf. It’s hard to know which one. There are a lot of them at the party.

10:13 pm: Kelcey and Rick pose for a romantic Elvis and Priscilla photo.

Princess Leia crashes the photo.

10:27 pm: Kelcey and Rick reenact when Johnny Castle lifts “Baby” in the final dance number of “Dirty Dancing.” They must have executed it perfectly because there was a lot of cheering.

10:43 pm: Rick never leaves the dance floor. Friends offer him a drink. He just asks for a power shake.

11:14 pm: The Occupy Wall Street movement reaches Westchester County.

11:23 pm: Rick and Kelcey win absolutely no awards for their costumes.

Of course, the boobs win.

11:33 pm: Kelcey’s head is very sweaty. Must remove Priscilla Presley/Amy Winehouse wig.

11:47 pm: Elvis leaves the building.



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