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Oh New Year’s Eve. That time of year when you can either sit at home feeling grateful that you are not wearing a gigantic blue Nivea hat in Time Square as you try to determine what exactly is wrapped around Lady Ga Ga’s upper body…

Or you can go out.

We went out.

I did a little pre-party with the kids….

and I’ll tell you, 19-month-old Harlowe is surprisingly good at quarters. To get in the New Year’s mood, I threw on my sassy Olivia Newton-John pants…

which I’m now thinking look sort of like Lady Ga Ga’s pants. I guess I just never thought to pair them with a gigantic black sparkly light bulb shaped top.

(I have no idea why I’m yelling in that photo.)

Before Rick and I embarked on a new year together, I did have to confess to him that I recently re-watched “Sweet Home Alabama” and fell back in love with Josh Lucas. And the actor is even my age so it could possibly work out.

Anyway, I made Rick agree that I could kiss Josh Lucas if I ever ran into him at Trader Joe’s or something. And he wanted somebody in return. I think the actress from “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo?” I wasn’t really paying attention because I was trying to figure out if Josh Lucas and I would live in Alabama or New York. Maybe we’ll split our time.

Anyway, Rick and I went to a friend’s party which was very fun. Here’s proof…

(This guy’s wife is having a baby on Thursday. I hope he wears the glasses in the delivery room.)

We danced. A lot. Me and Rick. Not me and that guy above. I felt a little self conscious on the dance floor because a family member recently told me that I dance like Chase. My son. Who’s 19-months-old.

This is how Chase dances….

God, I hope that’s not what I looked like.

I mean, he’s not even wearing cool Olivia Newton-John pants.

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