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Have you noticed that everything on the E! channel is “Super New?” Not just new. I would never waste my time on a show that’s just new. It must be “Super New.”

I just want you all to know that this blog post is “Super New” too.  It’s because I care.

By the way, after watching multiple episodes of “Keeping up with the Kardashians” in the early morning hours while I nurse, it is still not entirely clear to me the difference between Kim, Khloe and Kourtney or how their hair is always so shiny.  And shouldn’t their brother Robert be named Kyle or Ken? Yes, despite my deep deep fatigue, I still have time to mull over these things.

Back in my land where I’m the only “K” name, I’ve been stressing over the twins getting sick. First Harlowe got a cold. And then of course, Chase caught it too. The doctor told me to try to keep the twins apart….

Umm…. Ok. I’ll try.

Anyway, both seem to be doing much better now so I’m quite relieved.

I’ve done some small outings with the four kids. Today, my sitter and I brought them to the pool club.  Of course, we didn’t get there til 5 pm. I think we were aiming for noon or something.

Everyone kept coming up to me at the pool and saying, “You’re so brave to be out with the twins. I can’t believe you’re here.”  Brave? Really? It’s not like I just climbed the Seven Summits. I mean, I drove two miles to our pool club (after about 8 hours of prep time).  I’m not sure that qualifies as brave.

I think my proudest moment is when I manage to feed the twins bottles at the same time. I know there are purists who say you should only bottle feed one baby at a time (and I understand why) but that doesn’t leave me time in the day to pee, so sometimes I have to double up. But it’s not the easiest thing to do…

Ok I’d write more but I must eat ice cream and sleep. Yes, those are my priorities. In that order.

40 Responses to my twins are super new!

  • Kathy says:

    You are going to be hearing that a lot..super new answer is damn straight I’m brave I’m effing super mom now move, your blocking my view of the hot lifeguard!

  • Jodi says:

    Kardashian girls hair is so shiny because they get the Brazilian Blowout. Best invention EVER! I don’t know that for sure, but I’m willing to bet, also doesn’t hurt to have stylists doing your hair every day and all day touchups.

  • Coma Girl says:

    Can I just say that along with carrying twins, delivering twins, nursing twins and bottle feeding twins at the same time, I am super impressed that you keep updating your blog.

    And those babies are too cute for words.

  • Rhonda says:

    Dual bottle feeding? Yet another thing to admire about you! Now the next thing to master will be DFWP (dual feeding while peeing). Good job Mama! 😉

  • ErinB says:

    ok are you ready for this…so kim is the one who wears enough eye makeup for an entire cheerleading squad, kourney is the one who couldnt resist having a child with her asshole boyfriend who she was actually broken up with at the time and khole was sick of the other 2 getting so much attention so married some basketball star after dating for 6 minutes. The hair is so shiny from the drama.

    adorable photos as always…and you look way too good to have newborn babies xoxo

  • Lisa says:

    I am sure you are getting a lot of advice but just in case I thought I’d share my 2 favorite ways to feed 2 at once. Two boppies on either side of me and I would stuff blankets in the hole to keep the babies up or 2 bouncy chairs on either side.

    I used the bouncy chair method all the time! It might take a few more weeks until they can do it but those 2 methods saved me! You look great!

  • Liesl says:

    I had chocolate orange chip the other day and it was heavenly!
    Rest easy all the hair in the world isn’t that important, just ask Ricks dad!

  • Those babies are definitely more than new. They most definitely are SUPER-NEW! And you’re very lucky, because in this baby-saturated world, “new” just doesn’t cut it any more.

    The pic of you twin-bottle-feeding? Too lovely for words.

  • mackbeth says:

    Congratulations on the pool outing! It is super new & great that you are able to laugh about the crazy times and enjoy it all for what it is..wonderful! Thanks for the updates!

  • Adorable pictures. Double bottles are quite the balancing act. I used to put a pillow on my lap and then put a twin on each side of me (head angled in on the pillow). I could rest the bottles on my rib cage and have two hands free for a book (or remote control). But I’m telling you – once they’re old enough (2 months?) get those podee bottles.

  • Kerri says:

    Good Luck trying to keep them apart! If they are getting some breastmilk the anti-bodies in it will have recognized what they have, produced it in your body (without you having the cold) and produce the exact anti-bodies and then excrete it in your breastmilk. Getting out and about was always a challenge! Mine hated the stroller so I used slings. My other kids were 10, 8, 6 and and 3.5 years old. The oldest was a huge help (all those La Leche League meetings she attended!) She helped me get the twins latched on and could make home-made bread, pizza and other healthy meals. She answered the phone like a pro! She is going to College in the fall to get her degree in Nursing!

    Get used to the comments! Especially since you now have 4 kids, not the “typical” two. We have yet to go out in public for the past 13 years (4 kids at that point) without comments. After the twins the comments increased even more. Now that we have 11 kids & sometimes my grand-son hangs with us &/we babysit regularily for several other kids that BEG to come to our house even when their parents are both home!

    Love it when only some of mine are with me & they ask “are they all yours?” Ummmm…no…this is only half of them…the older ones chose to stay home! I think the shows on t.v. with the mega-families has made people notice us even more!

    Oh and what do they mean when they say, “You don’t look like you’ve had..twins…7 bio kids…etc.” So what AM I supposed to look like?

    Too funny!

    Kerri (mom to 11…7 bio (one set of identical girl twins),4 foster (one set of fraternal boy twins) and one grand-son!

  • it’s the pacifiers (nuk? binky? life-saving plastic device?) that kill me. You’d think someone smart could invent a newborn pacifier that doesn’t threaten to suffocate them and/or make them look as if they’re about to be abducted. I mean, if they can invent shampoo that imparts curl, why not a smaller pacifier.

  • maura says:

    You’ll feel like a superhero (“I don’t know how you do it”…”Really? I’m doing it?”)

    When the wee ones get a little older, you’ll be able to double feed in bobbies. It is awesome. You’re a mommy-pro, already… but double feedings are the stuff of legend.

  • Ann says:

    Hi. Your blog is really rocking right now.

    So cool of you to carry twins and have post partum all in the name of great hair and humor.

    (Cutest. Family. Ever)

  • ~Laura says:

    Yay! You took them all out. Good for you. And I totally bottle fed at the same time. Do everything at the same time-eat, change, sleep. It’s your only path to sanity!!

  • Ashley says:

    You’re doing a great job! Those newborn months are hard. Just get them on the same schedule, that’s my only advice 🙂 I totally agree that you have to feed them at the same time or you would be feeding babies all the time. I would bottle feed my girls on my EZ nurse twin pillow, or in their boppies while I sat between them. The going out thing gets easier too. I’m only like 15 mins late most times we got out now and my girls are 9 months! But I was always late before them too. It is easier when they don’t require as much stuff. I also cried the first time I was left alone with them. It is scary, but it does get better.

  • Rachel of Fabumom says:

    They are darling and you deserve an award! I thought I was brave to venture out with my newborn and (almost) three yr old.

  • yogurt says:

    what beautiful babies! and oh boy (and girl) does this photo of you feeding two bring back memories. my twin girls are 12 now, so it’s been a very long time, but these kinds of memories never feel far away. here’s wishing you many long hours of sleep – soon.

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