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I am very sensitive to the plight of the modern mom and realize that it’s very hard to stay up on cool, fashionista trends when even a 10 minute shower means your kids just redecorated the kitchen table with Dora stickers.

So I’m here to help. I think you’ll agree that even the busiest of moms can seamlessly work the three following beauty tips into their lives.

1. Fake Eyelashes: Rick and I recently went out to dinner and I wanted to look all sultry and sexy and Marilyn Monroe-licious. Obviously fake eyelashes were in order. I had bought some from Sephora and sadly, they came with no instructions which I blame on our male dominated society although I’m not really sure why.  Anyway, it was just the lashes and the glue.

So first I put some glue in the outer corner of my eye but that just made me look like I had some kind of  festering eye infection which did not exactly shout “sultry.”

Next, I tried putting just a touch of glue on the end of the fake lash and attaching it to the outer corner of my eye. But the lash would absolutely not stay put.

fake eyelash gone wrong

What the hell?! Marilyn Monroe never wore her eyelashes on her cheek.

Screw the fake eyelashes. I’m sultry enough.

2. Body Piercing: The belly button ring is so out. And don’t even get me started on those old school “earrings.” Today, it’s all about piercing the nape of your neck.

nape surface ring

I was in yoga class when I realized the gal in front of me had one of these. I was so intrigued that I barely noticed that we held the the chair pose for an agonizing 30 seconds. So that’s a bonus for freaky jewelry.

And if you get one of these, you will be all urban and edgy and wig out lots of moms at preschool pickup.

Note: That photo is not the girl from my yoga class. Even I’m not brave enough to pull out my camera during sun salutations.

3. Headbands: It’s time to reclaim the headband back from Lauren Conrad of “The Hills.” It’s not just for 20-somethings on fake reality TV shows! You can wear it too. Hell, even my dad is doing it.

headband crew

By the way, in no way did I encourage my father to put on this hair accessory. I simply turned around in the car and all three of them were donning headbands. He claims it was Summer’s idea. So if you want to look like a toddler or a 66 year-old man, this is the summer look for you.

So there you go. My stylin’ tips for the mom-on-the-go. I just saved you $5 bucks on a Vogue Magazine.

mama bird notes;

obj2333geo2837pg134p3I wanted to thank Cyn from River Dog Prints for saying such wonderful, amazing things about me and my blog.

I told her that anytime I feeling crummy, I’m going to go re-read her post as a pick-me-up. I’m very grateful and humbled by her kind words.

Click here to check it out.

about comAnd thank you to About.com for featuring me on their Stay-At-Home Moms Site! I am so very honored. Just click here.

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