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My sister Quinn was scheduled to visit this past week. But with hurricane Irene whipping through before her, Quinn (who lived through Katrina) thought it might make sense to delay her trip.

But when she floated this idea with me, I started tearing up. Okay, it was more like crying. Maybe sort of heavy sobbing.

With everything that has happened… losing our home for the next three months and traveling like nomads around town… I couldn’t bear the thought of her not coming to stay with us. I think she was worried about flying into some kind of hurricane ravaged area with her baby. But as she found out, my friend Emily’s very nice home is not exactly “ravaged.”

Emily went to Long Island with her two kids but her husband was still in the house during our occupation… I mean, visit.

When he would come home from work, he would find me, Rick, my 4 kids, my sister, her baby and oh yeah, my mom stopped by too.  Can you believe he didn’t just sleep at the office?

And he was so nice about it – even bringing my girls cupcakes. And not lame Stop & Shop ones. From Crumbs! Which are insanely delicious. He might be the nicest guy ever. Or just really good at pretending to like us.

It was so nice to see my sister. And 15-month-old Chase is completely obsessed with his 7-month-old cousin Matej.

Chase would kiss him and hug him constantly…

And well, sometimes he would just sit on him…

It was all so cute that I tried to get a video of it and then of course, Chase wanted nothing to do with him.

Thank you to my sister for battling hurricane force winds and wading through waist deep water to visit me.  (Okay, she didn’t have to do any of that. In fact it was perfectly sunny and beautiful the entire time she was here. Although I did force her to eat cupcakes with me.)

Crumbs bake shop did not sponsor this post. I really wish they had.

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