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My husband’s list of accomplishments is long.

His fancy TV career.

That Emmy award.

His Cherry Hill, New Jersey Dancing with the Stars championship trophy.

And, of course, the day he fixed our high tech sink.

But then came our humidifier.

We are a big humidifier family. They are always running – moisturizing the air, buffering noise, fighting crime. We love them.

But suddenly the humidifier in our bedroom just stopped working. We were panicked.

Rick didn’t know what was wrong with it.

So I, sensing my moment to shine had finally arrived, took a look.

And despite the fact, that I have no Emmy award.

No Cherry Hill Dancing with the Stars Championship trophy.

And no ability to fix even a Barbie doll sink.

I fixed the humidifier.

Oh yes I did.

And by “fixed,” I mean, I plugged it in.

P.S. In all fairness to Rick, he has been completely sick with the flu for the past four days and was not exactly in top condition when he encountered this humidifier situation.

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