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This post is sponsored by Luvs. 

My absolute favorite part of motherhood is the stillness. I know. What freaking stillness?

Well, take my nearly 4 year old son Cash. The kid takes on life in a very spirited way. And nothing really stops him. Like right now, he’s wearing casts on his feet.

A couple years ago, he stepped on glass. This was a very unfortunate moment. After two surgeries, doctors finally got the glass out but he would no longer step down on his foot. So after three months of physical therapy and three orthopedist consultations, he’s now in casts for 6 weeks to fix his walking. (My gosh, just that paragraph was exhausting.)

Now these casts don’t stop Cash at all. BUT THEY CAN NOT GET WET. And Cash likes to get wet. Like he was in his room playing the other day for about 6 minutes and suddenly I realize he has washed his stuffed monkey and coated the entire floor in water. Not really the ideal environment if you’re wearing casts THAT CAN NOT GET WET.

(At his point you’re thinking, didn’t Kelcey mention something about stillness?)

This kind of nuttiness goes on all day with Cash. And I would like to once again apologize to Trader’s Joe due to Cash’s insistence on a recent visit that he relocate their chips and dip sample table to another part of the store. Who knew those sample tables were on wheels? Cash apparently.

But by the end of the day, Cash actually sits down with me and we read books. And then I lay with him in his bed and he puts his arm around me and he is still. He just lies there with me, smiling and singing and chatting.  And it is the sweetest moment of my day. Because this boy.

I try to have moments like this with every one of my kids. Moments when we stop rushing around like crazy people. Whether it’s reading books or really listening to something that happened during their day or re-watching Gilmore Girls on the couch with my girls. Because Luke was HOT.

And yes, most of the time we are hustling out the door like madmen trying to get to school or I’m yelling about all the trash everyone leaves in the car, but it’s those sweet moments of stillness that I truly treasure.

And honestly, that’s all I really need on Mother’s Day.

Oh and money. And a trip to Paris. And a full time au pair. And a nap. And a personal trainer. And candy. And some sushi. And a time machine so I can go back to college for a few years.

But that stillness too.


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9 Responses to my fave part of motherhood (spoiler: it’s not the massive piles of laundry)

  • Pj says:

    My daughter was an extremely stubborn child (not Cash-stubborn, but stubborn next to her brothers). I would repeat to myself “this will serve her well as an adult, this will serve her well as an adult, she’ll go after things she wants” as a mantra to get myself through it. (She’s a responsible, employed adult now, so we both survived.)

  • Laura says:

    Oh those still moments are the best – rare in our house, with a newly-turned 3 year old and his 9 month old sister running all over the place! But there really is nothing better than those sweet, quiet little cuddles.

  • Laurie W. says:

    You do realize it is posts like these that mean you can never stop blogging. How else will we ever watch Cash (and all your sweet kids) grow up and see where life takes them?!?

  • Daphne Biener says:

    Sweet, sweet, sweetness. There is something about that sleeping face that makes up for all of that laundry, and mess, and craziness. Enjoy that sweet boy!

  • Steph says:

    Yes, I still enjoy those sweet, quiet moments with my now teenage girls. Cash is adorable. And does he have the remnants of a manicure from his sisters on those little fingers? 🙂 Cutie!

  • Meredith says:

    Don’t forget to add a “1/2 glass of wine from strangers” to your list of Mother’s Day wishes 🙂 xoxo

  • My mind boggles at what you must have gone through the past 2 years regarding his feet and walking! I’m glad they seem to have solved the problem? Maybe? And thanks for helping me add to my list of what else can go wrong when raising kids!

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