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I’ve been pissed at Abby Cadabby for awhile.

She’s a relatively new addition to Sesame Street and the neighborhood could use a few girls in that boy muppet club, so that’s all cool. Plus I, personally, love a cute fairy dress so I don’t have an issue with her fancy schmancy, sparkly outfit.

But here’s my beef: she just seems so friggin’ dumb.

At the end of every episode, she painstakingly tries to come up with the letter and number of the day.

This is kind of how it goes (try to imagine a really high pitched, squeaky voice)…

“Oh, good you’re still here. I know it’s almost time to go but first I have something very important I’m supposed to tell you. Sesame Street was brought to you today by the letter… um. The letter… um. Do you remember? (She shakes her wand and the letter L appears over her shoulder.) There it is! That’s the letter… um, do you know what you call it again? Oh yeah, the letter L!”

I don’t want to torture you so I’ll end it there.

Not exactly a kick ass female role model, right? I know she’s only like 3 years-old but still.

So imagine my surprise when I ran into the little fairy at BlogHer. What a perfect opportunity to find out why this gal is always playing the dumb card and, perhaps, teaching other young girls to do the same.

And you know what she told me?

She says, she’s tired at the end of the day so it’s hard for her to think of things. And she wants other kids to know that it’s ok to have trouble remembering things sometimes.

And Abby Cadabby wasn’t finished with me. Oh no.

Abby went on to tell me that when she can’t remember the letter or number of the day, that gives the children at home a chance to help and chime in with the answer.


Gosh, I feel like such a schmuck. Why did I have to go and pick on some innocent, sweet pink fairy?

So do you think Abby Cadabby held a grudge?

No, she did not.

She actually told me it was good question that she had never been asked before.

And then she gave me a hug.

For a 3 year-old, she’s pretty darn smart. Now where did that Grover go? Because I have a thing or two to talk to him about.

mama bird notes
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38 Responses to my face-off with abby cadabby

  • calikim says:

    HA!! I don’t even know how to respond to this one, except to say…..You make even talking to a freakin’ character on Sesame street Hilarious. And yes….not a positive female role model AT ALL…..but at least she was sweet!!

  • Lia says:

    How is it that you didn’t tell me you asked Abby that???? I am so hoping it was after I left and you weren’t holding out on me. I guess I can’t try to not like her for you anymore. Dang!

  • Shannon says:

    And that darn Zoe! Who the heck does she think SHE is anyway with that little attitude… trying to run the whole Street or somethin’ – Sheesh!!

    I guess now I get why Elmo’s fish, Dorothy, doesn’t ever speak up.


  • kristen says:

    your blog just ate my comment, pfft.

    your girls will know their mama is some kind of rockstar to have a photo taken with Abby Cadabby! you should print this and put it in their room.

  • Robyn says:

    Even though I watched it as a kid (and loved it, but what were our options, really?) I HATE, HATE, HATE Sesame Street. I feel like it’s appealing to the lowest common denominator. The street is NEVER bright and sunny — in fact it looks dirty! So, I have no idea who this Abby is, but if she’s anything like Elmo (annoying as fill-in-the-blank-swear) than I’m not missing anything.

    Wow. I don’t usually get so worked up this early in the morning. You struck a nerve…

  • Jacquie says:

    For a smarter preschool role model try Princess Presto on Super Why (PBS). It’s highly entertaining and they solve problems with books. Her super power is spelling! You’ll also love the catchy songs!! πŸ™‚

  • Becky says:

    I think it was a great question and I’m glad you asked.
    Also thanks for the smile.

    When I was little my dad told me that he went to college with “bob”. Is he still on the show? I thought that was the coolest thing ever. That and Snuffy.

  • Memarie Lane says:

    I get that when I’m watching Dora with my kids. “Which wasy should we go?” She asks, “Down the ROJO path with the sneaky snakes, or the AZUL path with the cute little bunny rabbits?” And there’s this pause for a good thirty seconds until the little arrow appears and clicks on the blue bunny rabbit path.

    I know this is supposed to give my ids time to jump up and answer the question, but they don’t, because they know that little arrow’s going t show up eventually. So maybe they’re learning patience?

  • I met Abby too! She was really sweet because when I told her I had a niece named Abby she really wanted take a picture of us together to give to MY Abby. And her handler totally had me talking to her like she was a real person. Which kinda made me feel like a three year old. And for the moment, I kind of enjoyed it.

  • Melisa says:

    I was looking forward to the day my child begins to watch Sesame Street, cause I grew up on them. But I don’t know…teaching kids it’s ok to forget? Isn’t it all about the #1 brightest, fastest, smartest? ;-P

  • Buffy says:

    I’m not fond of the new Sesame Streeters (read that as anything less than 30 years old). And I tend to judge them a little too quickly and harshly. So brava, to Abby, for standing up for herself and, brava to you, mamabird for learning something new and being so great.

  • wa says:

    Wow–I didn’t know Abby went to conferences. I wonder if she has trouble remembering her hotel room number every night…?

  • Erin says:

    wow, i wish my super power was spelling. i’m a little behind on the children’s programs since p is only 13 months but i bet in the next year i’ll know all about them.

  • Aunt Marcia (Guess Whose?) says:

    Most t.v. shows are geared to the lowest common denominator; and children’s shows are no exception. Unfortunately there’s no Daily Show or the Colbert Report for children. But it’s probably better for these kids to watch mush on t.v. than playing in traffic. Here’s your big opportunity to do a ‘children’s show’ that doesn’t pander to the bottom 90% of the t.v. audience.

  • Shani says:

    Now that my son is just about old enough to enjoy Sesame Street, we never get to watch it! It comes on at 10am here, so we’re rarely home when it comes on. Makes me mad! Another reason to get Tivo. So, it took me a while to figure out what you were talking about! Did you get to have a word with Grover?

  • Damselfly says:

    I’m not that familiar with Abby, but when I’ve happened to see her, I just love her voice! Did you get her autograph? Or sparkle-wand-graph or something?

  • Cathy says:

    You bring up a great point. Why do the creators of Sesame ST make Abby act like a stereotypical dumb blond? I don’t buy the “give the kids a chance to answer” b.s. It’s a little disappointing b/c I grew up with Sesame St.

  • Sus says:

    Knew I should have gone to Blogher. My husband and I have had fantasy drafts for all sorts of shows (Lost, Babylon 5) – he’s really into fantasy sports, you see – and Abby Cadabby always goes last in our S.S. draft. Give me Ernie for my first pick any day. Husband goes for Telly, then Baby Bear. I think we have remarkably high tolerance for the whole cast. πŸ™‚

  • Lanie says:

    We are not really up to watching Sesame Street yet around here but I will watch out for Abby Cadabby when we do. Thanks to you I am now fully prepared to explain her forgetfulness. πŸ™‚

  • Must find more time to read your blog. I’m cracking up over here and didn’t know which post to comment on, but so glad Abby Cadabby is redeemed in your eyes. I’ve been feeling bad since your dissed her at BlogHer right after my performance. Ok, not really, but I’ve finally posted your video for your viewing pleasure after your come back from Italy.

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