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Last night I went to a Vivienne Tam fashion show in Soho. Mostly because it’s such an ego boost to be surrounded by super tall, crazy skinny, ridiculously young, beautiful models. A real pick-me-up for a 3o something, 5 foot 4 mom.

As expected, Tam’s 2009 fall collection is vibrant, sleek and gorgeous.  And all the models carried this new digital clutch. It’s an HP mini computer, designed by Tam, that looks like a clutch bag.

You can’t stash your lip gloss in there but it pretty much does everything else. It has a sassy red keyboard and a silk carrying case (which I’m too paranoid to use because, within 3 minutes, it will be covered in organic mac n’ cheese).

How sassy and cute is this computer?


Photo courtesy of Gizmodo.

So I had the chance to meet Vivienne Tam….


I’m sure she’s checking out someone far fancier than me. And please, no comments on my Facebook blouse. My wardrobe is recession limited.

As if a fabulous fashion designer isn’t enough, I also got to hang out with the mysterious, hilarious Marinka. Ever wondered what she looks like? She’s the one in the middle.


Oh fine. Marinka is on the right. Look at the fabulous hair on her. I think she might be a Breck girl.

And thank you to Beth Blecherman  (Techmamas and Silicon Valley Moms Blog) for taking picture for me because I sort of didn’t charge my camera. If you ever forget your camera, always rely on a techmama because, UNLIKE everyone else, she will actually send you the jpegs that very night.


After the event, while we hunted for a cab in the rain, Marinka and I debated Vivienne Tam’s age…

“So how old do you think she is?” Marinka asked.

“I don’t know. Thirties,” I guessed.

“What? You think she looks like she’s in her THIRTIES?!” Marinka replied aghast.

Well, now I feel stupid.  But how the hell am I supposed to know? It’s not like I guess ages at the carnival in my spare time.

“So how old do you think she is?” I asked.

“Fifties,” Marinka estimated.

Turns out, Marinka is right. Which means two things…

1. Marinka is brilliant and obviously has life long experience working at a carnival.

2. And I really hope I look like Vivienne Tam when I grow up.

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