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Yes, it happened. I went from OMG I’m pregnant to I’m having my 5th baby to I love this baby more than a million chocolate croissants to how is my baby already turning one?!

For some reason, since the invention of parents, we have all been amazed by the movement of time. Scientists claim that time is still moving at the same speed that it did the summer I was 8, had chicken pox and had to sit on a tire swing in the shade with nothing to do. But I swear, it moves much more quickly now that I don’t have chicken pox.  And also, now that I have these children who refuse to stop growing.

On Mother’s Day morning, nearly 4-year-old Chase walked into my room with a CD player, plugged it in, said to me, “This is for you on Mother’s Day,” and pushed play.

And “How Sweet It Is To Be Loved By You” started playing. Rick said Chase came up with the idea all on his own. I mean, could a mother hope for anything more?

Even though I suspect that motherhood might be an addiction, this is my last baby.

But then it suddenly occurred to me, hey, maybe if we keep treating Cash like a baby, he will STAY a baby. So the twins and I gave it a try….

Do you think his big brother pushed over that crib? Hmm….

I would love for Cash to see this video when he’s a little older. But because there’s a good chance I’ll drop my iPhone into the toilet while trying to help 5 kids in the bathroom before then, I’m going to upload it to LegacyBuilder.

A few weeks ago I told you about LegacyBuilder, a website where you can easily organize your photos, videos and the story of your life. I can put this video in the LegacyBuilder vault for Cash to open at a later date. So for example, on his 10 birthday, I’ll get an email that it’s time to show Cash this clip and he’ll finally know that his mom put him in a little mini crib and tried to convince him to stay an infant. He’ll probably roll his eyes and pity me.

If you want to try out LegacyBuilder, sign up with code MAMABIRD2 to get a free lifetime premium account, up to 25GB.

Oh and if you think that now that my babies are growing, I’m going to run out and get a puppy, you are the crazy one.

This is a sponsored post for LegacyBuilder. All ideas are my own. 




12 Responses to my baby is turning one but i promise i won’t get weepy. crazy. but not weepy.

  • LeeAnn Fritsch says:

    My baby, the youngest of 5, is almost 11. I feel you on the addiction. But, I have not gotten a puppy. I just keep adopting my kids friends. My husband comes home and there are 11 kids in the house, all calling me mom, all very comfortable enough to serve themselves in the kitchen. Why? Because I make home a safe zone for the teens in the world. I love having them around, because I know they are all OK. My husband likes to remind me that we really only have five kids…ONLY!!!!
    However, if I COULD have another baby, I’d be OK with that.

  • beachgirl says:

    So cute and so funny! Your kids are adorable – no wonder you have baby syndrome..i do see a furry 4 legged creature in your future though! I had a kindergarten orientation night for my “baby” last night and I nearly needed an oxygen mask – how did this happen? I just gave birth to him 🙁

  • Steph says:

    I love how laid back you are when your 5th child takes a tumble. With only two children, I never graduated to laid back. It is such a cute video of your three littlest adorable cherubs.

  • Stephanie Hobson says:

    Yep, I think big brother helped little brother escape. That’s what big brothers are for!

  • Happy Birthday Cash! One day you can play this for your older brother when his payback has come back in full and he’s saying, “Why did you do that? What did I ever do to you??” You’ve got evidence!

  • Leigh Ann says:

    Never mind Cash turning 1. I’m still trying to figure out how your twins are 4, because I remember sending you a message when they were in the NICU. WTF, time?

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