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My husband’s siblings are in town with their families. And my kids are getting much needed cousin time.


See that kid in the back with the sunglasses?

I held that boy in my arms when he was just a few months old. Mostly I was thinking, “Dear Lord don’t let me drop this infant because I just started dating this guy Rick and I really like him and I’m not sure our new relationship can survive the ‘I’m sorry I dropped your new nephew’ conversation.”

Meanwhile, my sister-in-law Kimberly mentioned to me yesterday that a friend of hers (who reads this blog) wanted to know if I wore Birkenstocks. Apparently because I seem very “go with the flow.”

Am I giving off a Birkenstock vibe?

Because the closest I have ever gotten to a pair of Birkenstocks is a pair of Tevas I owned in 1993. I placed them on my feet a couple times (just inside) and then just shoved them to the back of the closet. Those poor Tevas never even got to experience daylight.

But there is a woman who does give off a Birkenstock vibe. These are her feet…


Recognize her? Yes, those are my mother’s feet.

Mom – I love you. This is the end of this post. Please log off.

(My mom just texted me: “What do you mean ‘log off?’ Does that mean click that little red x in the corner of the screen? Or restart my computer?  Or just unplug the whole thing?)

Unplug it mom.

Okay, speaking of that lady, I’m included in a new anthology called, “Moms Are Nuts (But Don’t Tell Them We Said So)”

A team of Emmy winners, magazine editors, comedians, TV personalities, best-selling authors, social media superstars and one sort of funny mom who has 5 kids and hasn’t cleaned her minivan in a year collaborated to produce a laugh-out- loud book not about being a mom, but about having a mom.

And yes, I wrote about my mom. And no, I did not let her read the piece first.  Mostly because I know she would have said, “If you publish that, I’ll never let you borrow my Birkenstocks again.”

Anyway, if you’d like to check it out (PLEASE), click here…







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