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When I take a trip (especially one involving two cities, a mini road extravaganza and two children), I’m always convinced that I’m going to leave my belongings somewhere.

So I wasn’t surprised when on our drive from Atlanta to Memphis, Rick turns to me and says, “Where are our DVD player and laptop?”

“They’re on the back seat,” I say with relief.

“That’s a problem. Because I also packed a laptop in the trunk,” Rick explains.

Oh. Unfortunately, that was one too many laptops.

Turns out, we inadvertently stole a computer from my friend Lanie’s house.  Nothing says, “Thank you for letting us stay with you” like taking off with a family’s high tech gadget.

After committing robbery, we arrived in Memphis to see my super fabulous sister and brother-in-law.  We had an awesome first day at the Memphis Zoo and then Dylan and Summer came down with the dreaded stomach flu.

Throughout the 12 hour, very messy ordeal I learned two things…

1. My sister has an unbelievable amount of extra bedding at her house. It’s like she’s somehow been anticipating an emergency need for six extra sets of sheets and comforters because of children who can’t quite direct their vomit into a bucket.

2. She is really the superstar sister of all time because she actually cleaned up my kids’ throw-up.

Of course there were no words to express my gratitude so I just gave her a new computer we had happened to acquire during our trip.

Either that, or we Fed-Ex’d it back to Atlanta.

On Sunday, it was hard to say goodbye…

(And yes, Dylan got married while in Memphis. Child brides are totally cool there.)

We only had to turn back once on the drive to the airport because we had, of course, forgotten to pack OUR laptop and DVD player. And when I say, “we,” I mean “Rick.” Not that we need to blame anyone here.

The only consolation prize to leaving Memphis… Cyndi Lauper was on our flight home.

I was hoping she would serenade the plane with “True Colors.” Honestly, it was the least she could have done after our whole stomach flu fiasco. But I think she pretty much just had a beverage and some peanuts like the rest of us. Why do celebrities have to be so ordinary sometimes.

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