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You know how on your 25th birthday, you were wearing a tank top and you couldn’t get into your favorite bar because it had that dumb “no tank tops” rule and you were so bummed out?

Okay, I don’t remember turning 25 either but I’m sure something like that happened.

And well, it happened to this guy on Sunday night.

But this birthday boy, who was turned away at the bars and was destined to go home and sob into his entire tank top collection instead found a savior.

My husband.

Who, on the streets of Newport, Rhode Island, took off his own collared shirt and gave it to this guy so he could go out on his birthday.

For real.

That’s my husband’s shirt.ย  Not the Hawaiian inspired one. The other one.

Of course, this left Rick to continue his evening bare chested, so he took the guy’s tank top.

For real.

Which really does prove that I am married to the nicest guy. Ever.

Who can apparently still work a tank top.

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