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Earlier in the week, I told you about my 6-year-old finding an animal skull while we were cleaning up trash at our local nature center. And here it is…

Oh my gosh, how icky are those little teeth. And here it is from a different angle…

It turned out to be a raccoon. An honestly, if we are going to find a raccoon, I’d rather just the skull than the whole damn thing.

So obviously, we are going to start a natural history museum. This is our first and only exhibit.

And right now, Dylan is keeping it under her bed, wrapped in tissue.

“Dylan, why did you wrap up the raccoon skull and put it under your bed?”

“I’m hiding it so when someone new comes to our house, I can be the first one to show it to them,” she kindly explained.


A raccoon skull under your bed while you sleep.

No, not freaky at all.

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