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I knew when I moved to Florida I was going to have to get serious about sunscreen.

Apparently I did because the rumor on the street is that our family “applies sunscreen like it’s lotion!”

You can imagine what’s involved in applying sunscreen to 5 children each day and then even considering reapplying after 80 minutes of swimming and/or sweating. Obviously, I’ve told my kids not to swim or sweat to avoid that nonsense. (Also best to not dance in small towns per Ren McCormack.)

They say you can’t apply too much sunscreen but I know that’s not true because I once applied too much sunscreen into my daughter’s eye and she is still pissed off.

Sometimes I like the sunscreen sprays. Sometimes the cremes. I always like to buy the more natural ones unless they are $11,000 dollars a bottle. I’m always worried about running out so I’m sort of a sunscreen collector.  And by collector, I mean hoarder.

I insist on rash guard shirts at the beach. I am waiting for the full body rash guard outfit to come into style.

We were recently at the Jersey shore and I had the opportunity to apply sunscreen to my kids and their cousins. It was pretty much an all day activity but worth it because of the gratitude on their faces….

sunscreen - chase

sunscreen - dylan

suncreen - reed

sunscreen - harlowe


sunscreen - summer 3

sunscreen - josie

sunscreen - jake

sunscreen summer 1

You’re welcome children. You are welcome.

(Yes, Summer is shown twice because of her epic dislike of sunscreen.)

9 Responses to mama’s got sunscreen! who wants in?!

  • Katie says:

    I feel your pain. After a week at Myrtle Beach and some sunburn my kids have the same faces when I come close to them with a can of sunscreen. They will thank us later!

  • Alex says:

    love it!!! those pics are fantastic. i wish someone would figure out how to leverage spray tan technology for sunscreen application. if there were sunscreen booths, we could just throw the kid in, hit “start” and have them come out 15 seconds later completed covered. genius, no? i mean, there are some small details that would have to be ironed out around where one would keep a sunscreen booth in their house, but that’s something we can address later….

  • bitsy says:

    I love this! My kids hate me for the sunscreen. But I’m really, really sure that someday they WILL thank me. Some day. Some day far away in the future. I can wait.

  • beachmom says:

    What gorgeous angry children 🙂

    I feel your pain…I actually dread summer for one reason only and its not the humidity and the crowds and the crazy drivers and the ticks and the mozzies its the sunscreen!!! My son just gets on with it – grabs it and starts applying it himself but my daughter whines and whines and whines and just makes every summer day a mysery until we get her sunscreen on…..by the time I am finished with her I have been so annoyed I have forgotten my own and end up with nice red marks!! I would be all for the full body rash guard too.

  • Charlie M says:

    I harassed my 18-year-old son for hours this weekend to please apply sunscreen before his soccer game, please make sure it is on the back of your neck, please make sure you got your ears, are you sure you put it all over face, can I smell your face to make sure, please? Guess who forgot to put it on herself…and burned to a crisp!

  • Jacqueline says:

    Did you know that sunscreen expires? It does! Know what happens if you use expired sunscreen? Nothing! But the kind of nothing that you would get from not applying any sunscreen. Sooo, maybe keep that in mind with respect to your sunscreen hoarding collecting.

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