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Rick, the girls and I hit the Jersey shore this past weekend. The 2 1/2 hour drive took a leisurely 5 hours.

If you can endure hours in a car, with your hungry, agitated spouse and even more cranky, ants-in-their-pants children without actually demanding a divorce, then I believe you are true soul mates.

You may not be speaking by the time you arrive. But really, that would be gravy.

Traffic aside, it was a beautiful, fab weekend. But I jetted back early to the city to see my sister, visiting from Memphis. And by “jetted,” I mean, I sat on the bus from Atlantic City to New York.

I’m really really not a bus person. Give me a train, a plane, a scooter, snow shoes, anything. But buses are just sort of cramped and bumpy and nauseating.

Still, this particular bus route has quite a reputation. I heard about folks nursing their slot losses and bringing on board cartons of Chinese food and big buckets of fried chicken and chowing down along the Jersey Turnpike. So you can imagine my immense disappointment when I saw only one guy with a dinky McDonald’s cheeseburger. What a letdown.

And not a single drunk, despondent gambler causing a ruckus. See? The bus just sucks.

That night, I tagged along with my sister and her friends. They all met in law school and decided to reunite in New York. Here’s my sister Quinn and her friend Erin.

Erin (on the right), at the decrepit, decaying age of 26, can’t find a good man. If Erin wasn’t so hilarious and so nice, I’d hate her for being a spring chicken. Anyway, if you know any tall men (Erin INSISTS that they be tall AND male… some people are so friggin’ picky) who lives in New Orleans, let me know and we will make like Chuck Woolery and connect these two southern love birds.

She’s not looking for a short cop. Long story. Just trust me on that.

Don’t find a hottie for my sister Quinn. She’s very much married and I don’t need my brother-in-law kicking my arse Memphis style. Whatever that means. I think it involves bbq sauce.

Now I know my single friends in New York are thinking, wait…Kelcey, why don’t you use your mystical mama bird powers to find me a svelte, McDreamy prince? All I can say is, this is not Match.com for gosh sakes, ok? But I’ll do my very best. So if you know any single bachelors in the 30 and 40 something range in Manhattan, pass those along as well.

Short cops are absolutely acceptable.

Finally (and this has nothing to do with cops… tall or short), ever since the cell phone craze began, I’ve always wondered who uses all those pay phones sprinkled around New York City (assuming they even work).

Well, the answer is so obvious that I now feel like a complete dufus.

mama bird notes

Click on “drooling over this” to check out a tale from the Method cocktail party circuit.

Congratulations Mama Bee! You are the winner of the girlie baby bundle! Thank you to โ€œMama Knows Breastโ€, Posh Squeaks, Pediped shoes and Smart Mom!

I know I promised the boy baby bundle next. But apparently, I’m a liar. Because in the spirit of “Sex and the City” mania, I’m giving away the movie soundtrack (see songs below) and a $25 Fandango movie ticket gift certificate.

That’s cool, right? Just leave a comment on the mama bird diaries by Friday, telling me if you are more like a Carrie, a Miranda, a Samantha or a Charlotte and you are entered. And I promise, the baby boy bundle giveaway really will be next. Mama’s honor.

Sex and the City Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
1. Labels or Love (Fergie)
2. All Dressed In Love (Jennifer Hudson)
3. The Look Of Love -Madison Park vs Lenny B Remix (Nina Simone)
4. New York Girls (Morningwood)
5. All This Beauty (The Weepies)
6. I Like The Way (Kaskade)
7. It’s Amazing (Jem)
8. How Deep Is Your Love (The Bird & The Bee)
9. The Heart Of The Matter (India.Arie)
10. Auld Lang Syne (Mairi Campbell & Dave Francis)
11. Kissing (Bliss)
12. How Can You Mend A Broken Heart (Al Green featuring Joss Stone)
13. Walk This Way (Run-D.M.C. featuring Steve Tyler and Joe Perry of
14. Sex and the City Movie Theme (The Pfeifer Broz. Orchestra)

48 Responses to making a love connection

  • Rhea says:

    I'd prefer to think of myself as more of a Carrie, but I definitely have some strong Charlotte in me as well.

    I love that show! I can't wait to see the movie. What a great giveaway!

  • Abby Siegel says:

    I am both a Charlotte and Carrie (in her single, freestyle ways I think??).

    Anyway my dear Kelcey, you better be thinking of me, your loyal and loving friend of over 21 years when you get the submissions for the nice single men!!!!!! Do you really want me on your case for next gazillion years?? I think not! Thanks mate!

  • Lulu says:

    well, to be honest, i have a bit of all four girls in me. i think every girl does – that's sort of the point. Like Carrie, I love fashion, but even more like Carrie, I am full of HOPE. Like Miranda, I am a lawyer, but even more like Miranda, I love being a Mommy. Like Charlotte, I have dark, dark hair, but even more like Charlotte, I am an ETERNAL optimist. And like Samantha – oh Samantha – i like it hot and dirty sometimes. Oh yea, and I also really enjoy sex. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • calikim says:

    Don't forget, you are supposed to be finding me my knight in shining armor here in San Francisco as well. I'm waiting!!!!!

    And I think I am a bit Charlotte (conservative in relationships…I am no Samantha), and a bit Carrie personality wise. I still need to see the last season before I can go see the movie…and I wanna see the movie!!!

  • Jennifer H says:

    I've never made that bus trip (but didn't the SATC girls take the bus back from Atlantic City?).

    What a great giveaway. Of course, I would have to say Carrie, but I'm not sure anyone is really as fabulous as she is. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Wouldn't we all love to be Carrie? But I have to put it out there, prior to marrige, I was Samantha–I wasn't interested in commitment, I was crazy about shedding my catholic programming, and I really like men. My husband may "think" he knows his wife's sordid past, but he really doesn't. Does that make me a bad girl? Please, ladies, some things (i.e. my past) must be kept sacred.

  • Jacki says:

    I dunno….maybe Kim Cattral's character? I always found her to be closest to me. Don't ask.

    And while you are looking for someone for Erin, could you look for someone for my sister? She's 26 and can't find a good man either.

  • Di says:

    An afternoon at the salon and I would be Miranda. I think I could pull off the red hair…I've always wanted to be a redhead.

    But I'm Miranda in about 10 years. After she quits work and stays home and takes up golf. When I was in high school, my friends swore I would show up for our 20th reunion in a business suit carrying a briefcase. Well, I showed them! I didn't show up…I was in Paris!!!

    No one could imagine me a stay-at-home Mom…but here I am.

  • Robyn says:

    I'm a Miranda (huge surprise, right?).

    PLEASE tell me you bathed your girls in purell after playing on those phones!

    And you are very brave to sit through Jersey shore traffic. I live in Jersey and I go to Ocean City, MD for the beach.

  • liz says:

    i definitely fancy myself as a miranda with a squidge of carrie for flavor. but i'm a tell-it-like-it-is gal and appreciate miranda's no BS policy.

    i just watched the "he's just not that into you" episode and, like miranda, felt the LIBERATION!

  • Jen says:

    I'm dying over the picture of the girls on the payphones! Luke obsessesed with picking up those phones and now after 1,500 times of me saying "those phones are yucky and dirty" he's relented and just calls yells "yucky and dirty" as he tries to fake me out that he's picking up the receiver. City livin' at it's finest…

  • Becky says:

    The funny thing is, I think I'm like Charlotte but every test I take I'm Miranda. I guess I'm more bitter than I think I am.

    p.s. no pressure but PICK ME for this prize! I really want it. Just sayin'

  • Dave B says:

    Thanks for answering the question about why pay phones still exist. I have been wondering for years now.

  • Michelle says:

    I absoltuely LOVE the picture of the girls ont he phones, so classic! I'm def. more a Charlotte w/o the firece organizational skills! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Michelle says:

    PS Pick me! I need something to make the mini van feel sexy?? (It's gonna take a lot more than the cd, I know!!)

  • Kat says:

    What a fun give away! And thanks to Rhea for sending me over. Honestly, I have only seen a few of the episodes. But next week, I am sending both of my girls off to sleep away camp and I have the first season of SATC arriving via netflix. Gonna have a huge sex fest. Errr…Sex and the city Fest. Okay, fine. Call me Samantha.

  • Madmad says:

    Yet one more instance where I am going to suggest knitting – it takes the edge off those car rides. It does not, however, produce a husband for your cute sister (and, indeed, may scare one away) so don't take the class with Erin.

  • Allison T. says:

    Although I bought some totally Carrie shoes during my last NYC visit, I'm probably more Charlotte than not. I mean, how can you be anything else, growing up in CT??

    Meanwhile, in an office on the other side of town… I'm going to forward your post to the few (young) guys I know connected with NOLA. Here's hopin'. And as for those cute 30-40's guys…don't forget about that other totally eligible gal I mentioned in DC. (to clarify to anyone who knows me, this is NOT for me!!)

    I sense either a new business opportunity/book deal here or a very, very slippery slope. It's all very SATC.

  • LittleJ says:

    Charlotte's my girl.

    On another note, you can take comfort in the fact that I actually witnessed someone spraying down a set of phones on Broadway in the low 80's with what looked like a Windex-like solution. Now, I'm not sure if it was the guy who owns the storefront, or someone actually assigned to the task of sanitizing NYC, but it made me smile and gave me hope. Hmmm… perhaps there is some Carrie in me after all!

  • janna says:

    I want to be Carrie. I even have a subscription to Lucky magazine now, but it doesn't help much. I'm probably a little of each of them.

  • JoLynn says:

    I think we all have a bit of the 4 of them in us but in my fantasies Iam a Samantha yearning for that hot, steamy,sweaty, well you know what I mean!!!:)

  • Jessi says:

    That picture of the girls is great! Natural phone gabbers, eh?

    And while I duck my head and hide, I will admit I have never seen one episode of Sex. *running away now*

  • Sally says:

    I like Carrie the best, so she is my aspirational pick.

    I think it's just fine you let your little girls faux-chat on public phones. Two years ago I staged a "Christmas Story" holiday card photo op where I made my daughter pretend her tongue was stuck on a pole in Fort Greene Park while my son struggled to free her by her legs. Yes, tongue was touching pole (with a little prophylactic saran wrap) The greeting read "Erry Ithuth." These shenanigans have only made my kids stronger and funnier. Hey, why do you think they invented Listerine?

  • I'm a Carrie/Charlotte blend…That is my favorite show of all time. But I can see the Mama Bird author landing her own cool, NY, Carrie-esque column someday and the world can stop waiting for the show to return… ๐Ÿ™‚

  • scrappysue says:

    i'm probably most like charlotte, but we can discuss this when i come to NY in october! thanks for the giveaway – sexy start here on wednesday – everyone's talking about it.

  • ErinB says:

    I think you need to bring some of that ice cream of yours next time you go to NJ…I mean who can be grumpy around ice cream?

    I am charlotte/carrie-ish but with way less fabulous clothes… and I would like the soundtrack please. do I win? come on I asked sooo nicely!!! xo

  • Cathy says:

    I'm definitely Charlotte–somewhat uptight, went to a prep, I mean preppy, school. Wish I had her hair and her Central Park penthouse.

  • Kristen M says:

    I just love the pictures of your sister in this post and the last one. I also love the pictures of the girls! Your sister is adorable. I remember meeting her years and years ago when we heard Jessie Jackson speak. I of course have no idea who I am like because I never watched the show.

  • Lauren says:

    Clearly, you are a casino bus neophyte.

    Sad but true: I've taken at least 50 casino bus rides in my lifetime. The crowd is highly dependent on when you come and go to the shore. The worst bus group is late on a Friday afternoon until early Friday evening. These buses are filled with people who just got their paychecks and are jonesing to gamble it away. People who jump out of the bus when it pulls into the casino and immediately light a cigarette.

    You'll encounter the best caliber of casinogoer, btw, on an early Saturday morning bus, which is filled with highly motivated gamblers. I don't mean to stereotype, but people who fit the mold tend to be women–more specifically, Asian ladies. On Sunday afternoons, you get the dregs of society.

    The episode where the SATC girls return from the shore on the bus after Samantha has a fight with Richard at his casino was written by two of my friends from Philly!

    I recently took a test which pegged me as Miranda–maybe because I work and live in Brooklyn?

  • sam says:

    thanks for keeping your eye out for us kelc! are you going to start posting hot nyc boy photos?? c'mon! also, so glad those freaking phones are being put to good use. too cute.

  • Well, that's a tough question. In my mind I relate best to Carrie. But on occasion my hubby gets to see a bit of Samantha in me. Although Miranda is probably the most realistic match.

    Damn, I can't even fantasize about being cute, petite, and well dressed.

  • Erin says:

    I always wondered who used those pay phones too! I think your sister's friend will have no problem getting the perfect guy, she's cute, she's young and she has a great name!

  • Angie says:

    I am so a Miranda! I'm a total smartass and tend to be quite cynical about most things. I love my girlfriends dearly and would do anything for them.

    And I'm doing a giveaway on my blog too, so come check it out! Thanks!

  • Dixie Chick says:

    Which SATC girl?? That is hard. In a pinch, Charlotte was the one that I most identified with – mainly because she was more reserved. I want to be a little more like Carrie. I can be very cynical like Miranda and I try to fight it. I need to be more like Samantha!!

  • Auntie T says:

    Well, if I were like Charlotte I'd think " It's ok that I helped carry home that ice cream and you probably just forgot to serve it for dessert" If I were Carrie I'd say "Hey no cream for me?" If I were like Samantha, I would have just walked out with my fav flavor. But since I'm probably most like Miranda (and a red head) I'm still jonsin' for that ice cream. I am having 8 for dinner tomorrow probably so my plan is to buy 8 different flavors & serve 1 to each guest for dessert! Although I've never seen Miranda give a dinner party, hmmmm

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