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About a month ago, I heard Louis C.K. was coming to Miami and I asked a friend if she wanted to go.

She said, “Sure!”

I bought tickets and then a few days later, she asked her husband, “So what kind of music does Louis C.K. play anyway?”

Smooth jazz. Obviously.


In case there is one more person out there who doesn’t know who Louis C.K. is (I’m really only talking to my mother here), he’s a comedian. Although maybe he plays smooth jazz on the side. I’ve never investigated.

But I love that my friend had no idea who he was and she was all, “I’m in.”

I want to be all in, as often as I can.

It doesn’t always work out. Oh definitely not. I had a night of going to see the Neil Diamond cover band “Super Diamond” that I still deeply regret.

And I saw a production of Henry the VIII that was roughly 17 hours long.

And I remember once going spelunking (which is basically when you descend into deep dark caves to explore just how claustrophobic you are) and I remember thinking, that I was really better suited for eating sushi in New York City than wondering how I was going to get out of this holy crap scary Montana cavern.

But in general, you get more out of life if you just go for it. Whatever it is.

It makes life more interesting, more layered, more fun really.

And yes, at some point you will find yourself in a grungy off off off broadway basement theater, watching some kind of 3 hour alternative performance art and you will curse me. But the rest of the time, you’ll think I’m a genius.

Oh, we get overwhelmed. Or I do anyway. By work and laundry and lunches and mess and constant needs. And how could I possibly go do anything when there is just so much to do. But here’s the thing. It never gets done. Not really. Pull out an old to do list and I swear, there is something on there that didn’t get done.

I still haven’t sent out my thank you notes for when my son Cash was born. The boy is 3 1/2. Those cards aren’t going out. I’m sorry. If you sent us a gift, we really really liked it.

So if it never all gets done, then why not stop checking things off for a moment, go out and experience something.

My 3 year old son is the ultimate “all in” kind of kid. I let him play outside a few minutes before school this morning. Within 5 minutes, he had sprayed himself with a hose and was covered in mud. This child was most certainly not worried about “Get to school” on his to do list.

He just went for it.

Life is short. Getting shorter by the minute. Let’s get out there.

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