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My mother has been visiting and with the exception of when she went to our garage fridge at 1:30 am to get one of her “diet bubbly drinks” and set off the house alarm, things have been going pretty smoothly. (Sometimes when you wake up thirsty, water works. And as a bonus, the police don’t come.)

We have all really loved having her here. During her visit I have been testing out some toys for a future review on Alpha Mom. At one point, my mom heard me mention a couple of the toys and said, “Who are LeapFrog and Tabeo? The twins?”

Obviously from this day forward I will now always refer to Chase and Harlowe as Leapfrog and Tabeo. I wish I had thought of those names when they were born.

On Saturday night, we wanted to go out with some new friends in Ft. Lauderdale, so we asked my mother to babysit.

This was a little problematic because, with the exception of 6-month-old Cash, she goes to bed before all my kids.

The second problem is that she can’t operate a television. Or at least not our television. Because there are a couple different power buttons and a lot of channels. I distinctly remember being out at a restaurant once and Rick having to talk her through the TV controls as if he was managing an intense hostage situation.

We decided she should watch “Grease” with our older girls on the downstairs TV. And then upstairs, we left the TV on for later. At first, Rick wanted to put on some “Monk” marathon but I vetoed that based on that fact that I’ve never seen the show but it sounds weird and why did that same guy win an Emmy year after year anyway?!

Instead we put on a station that was showing back to back episodes of “Modern Family.” And bless her heart because she watched that show (with commercials) for the next four hours until we got home. We were very grateful.

And yes, of course she set off the alarm again the next morning.

She’s headed back to Connecticut today. I think the alarm company is really going to miss her.  So will we.

mama bird notes:

My review on Leapfrog, Tabeo and other hot toys of the year is coming up on Alpha Mom. Meanwhile, you can check out my baby monitor review now.

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