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Rick and I have been enjoying the afterglow of our date night in the city.

Until last night.

When we had a fight about laundry. Usually we fight about how to revamp social security but on this occasion, it was laundry.

For the most part, I handle the laundry in our household but when we came home from the pool club on Memorial Day, Rick threw the kids’ clothes into the washing machine.  And then we had the following conversation…

“I had clothes in the pool bag. Please don’t throw them in the wash with the kids’ stuff,” I said.

“I didn’t,” he responded.

Well, it turns out one of my shirts did go in the wash and then it inadvertently got thrown in the dryer which I absolutely hate because anything I own that goes in the dryer somehow ends up the size of a 6 month onesie.

I figured as soon as my husband learned of this tragic error, he would offer up heartfelt apologies and we would just laugh over the incident because we are always so very tired and there is always so much laundry and mistakes are bound to happen.

But instead we had this conversation…

“Honey, why did you put my shirt in the wash?” (In all fairness, I might not have actually said, ‘Honey’ but clearly it was implied.)

“I didn’t,” he responds.

“But you did. It’s right here. I just found it in the dryer with the kids’ stuff.”

“I know I pulled out one of your shirts.”

“Yes, but there were two shirts.”

“Well, who on earth wears two shirts on a 90 degree day?!!”

My god, it’s like the man JUST met me for the first time.  “I do. One’s a tank top and it goes underneath the other shirt,” I explain.

“I really don’t understand how I would ever know that. I’m never putting laundry in again. You can do it and nothing will get ruined.”

I definitely did not win that argument.

A few things to add…

1. Rick often folds the laundry.

2. I’m praying he’ll still keep doing that.

3. He also does A LOT of other stuff around the house.

4. Except for clean out the bathroom ceiling fan. That still needs to be done because it makes this really loud whirling sound.

5. Not that I’m pressuring him to get this done. I mean, whenever. It’s no big deal. He’s got a full time job for gosh sakes.  And four kids.  And a wife who wears two shirts at the same time. So no pressure. Just whenever he has a moment.

23 Responses to laundry and marriage

  • Jill says:

    I also wear 2 shirts almost every single day! And the one thing I NEVER let my husband do … is the laundry.


    But the folding? I stopped doing that long ago when I realized he was re-folding the clothes. Apparently I wasn’t folding them Gap-like enough for him. Whatever.

  • Jenn says:

    I have full time help. I use the “I’m creating employment in a 3rd World Country” as my excuse…. Truthfully – I HATE LAUNDRY!

    And ceiling fans.

    And I don’t even know where the duster is.

    Thank God I work full time – that’s another good excuse.

  • Johanna says:

    Nothing worse than a dryer shrunken shirt for a mom who has no time to shop for a replacement! I hear ya!!

  • Your conversation sounds a lot like conversations in my house. I went arghh when I read it.

    But your husband does fold laundry, which mine doesn’t, so I won’t say anything mean 🙂 Also, men don’t understand the concept of layering. Ever.

  • Becky says:

    I am jealous of the laundry skills your husband *does* have. My husband’s laundry skills end at complaining about having to do it at all.

  • It’s those little moments that bring couples closer together, don’t you think? My husband folds the laundry, too, god love him, but sooooo slowly and soooo precisely that in the time it takes him to do one small load of laundry I could’ve folded two loads and probably fixed our bathroom fan (if we had one). Then he takes these carefully folded clothes and puts them away in all the wrong drawers, so that our two kids are constantly yowling that THESE AREN’T THEIR SOCKS. I’m thinking this summer it might be time to train the 10 year old in this ancient domestic art…I might even pay him.

  • Heather says:

    Hi! It was fun meeting you in person the other day!
    Laundry is endless…my husband folds too, and I think it’s actually the worst part, so if your husband keeps that up, you’ll be ok!

  • Robyn says:

    I love that you’re so in love that it didn’t even cross your mind that Rick PURPOSEFULLY messed up doing YOUR laundry so he’s now, forever, off the hook! My husband tried that, but I believe in practice making perfect…

  • The stupider the subject, the bigger the argument. At least, that’s how it goes in our house. Although I do hate that “You asked me to do something differently, so now it’s your job” ploy – oh, do I hate it!

  • Stasha says:

    All I want is someone to put the laundry away. Is that to much to ask after washing and folding it?
    I double layer on a hot day. On a cold day I multiply. Don’t we all?

  • anna says:

    i devote ample space on my blog to instructions to my husband, b/c honestly it’s like they’re new here every.single.day.

    at least your huz “”just” threw in your shirts. mine threw in everything in the pool bag – all the kids suits ruined (he was surprised to hear they couldn”t go in the dryer. on high.) the replacement set of suits he left at the pool.

  • Oh, yes, laundry. My husband still likes to do laundry like he did in college: everything in one load in cold water. *sigh*

    So that and putting things on the calendar are our two biggest fights about household stuff.

  • babymama says:


    I swear my husband doesn’t know where the washing machine or the dryer is. Or the dishwasher for that matter.

    And doesn’t everyone wear 2 shirts?!


  • Beth says:

    My husband loves to do the laundry! And he does a great job. I think it’s a stress reliever for him and who am I to deny him that release? He also empties the dishwasher! Oh, did I mention we’ve been married for 25 years! He didn’t start out that way ladies! There’s hope!

  • christy says:

    Oh I feel your pain – my husband has done that more than once. In all fairness to him though, I’ve washed his wallet and his phone. Twice. 🙁

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