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This weekend I left all five kids with Rick and headed to South Beach in Miami to hang with a bunch of my girlfriends in town from New York.

I was a little anxious about the trip because 10-month-old Cash doesn’t take a bottle. He does take a breast but I had decided to bring both my breasts with me to South Beach. But Cash apparently hung in there. He must have known how much I needed a kid break.

There were nine of us ladies and as you can imagine things got pretty crazy. Here’s a table in our hotel room…

hotel room

Yes, those are breast pump accessories and a spice pack for my slow cooker that a friend brought me because they don’t sell them at my local grocery store.

I think we can assume that when the Rolling Stones crash at a hotel, it pretty much looks the same way. I heard Mick loves an Italian chicken crockpot recipe.

We went to two great restaurants for dinner – Catch and also, Seasalt and Pepper. Seasalt and Pepper was fun because the cab takes you to this really desolate warehouse district where you are pretty sure you will be knocked off by the mob and then suddenly you are in this posh waterfront restaurant.

kelcey and meredith

I even pulled out my new black short shorts. Does this look like a middle age Nairs ad?

kelcey in short shorts

Now my friend Smeredith is the cruise director of partying but knows not all of us love shots. So instead she bought us “sippers.” These so called “sippers” looked like shots and tasted like shots but according to Smeredith, you could sip them if you wanted to torture yourself.

You know, now that I really give it some deep thought, they may have just been shots.

After many sippers, we ended up at a lounge called Hyde Beach. There were a lot of layers of velvet ropes before we could get into Hyde. Once we finally got in, we danced, drank some high school inspired cans of Bud Light and then declared that the place was dead and left.

south beach

(I don’t know why this looks like a sorority party pic from 1991.)

I really had a great time and not just because I ate my weight in Peppermint Patties. But by Sunday, my breasts had had enough of the manual breast pump and were very stoked to be reunited with this guy…

kelcey nursing

I just want to thank my husband Rick for making this trip possible. He seems slightly traumatized but I’m sure he’ll bounce back in time for my next solo getaway. I’ll give him a few weeks.

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