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After a lovely, radish filled visit, I packed up my mom and sent her off to Memphis to stay with my sister for a few days. I don’t know why joint custody arrangements get such a bum rap.

Without my mom lovingly lurking around the apartment day and night, I was able to turn my focus to Ms. Kyra Sedgwick, the star of TNT’s, “The Closer.”

The ever-talented and energetic Beth Feldman of Beyond PR and Role Mommy, held a screening party for “The Closer” last night at a cool place in Chelsea called Ultra. I absolutely know it was a cool place because it was very very difficult to find the bathroom. The door blended in with the wall in that dark and sultry club kind of way.

If you like Kyra Sedgwick (and I’ll tell you why you really should) and you like cop shows, this one is awesome. And I’m not just saying this because Rick’s best friend Steve Kane is a writer for the show. Shameless, blatant plug for Steve Kane has now concluded.

I even bumped into some other fabulous bloggy gals like Kimberly of Mom in the City and Vanessa of Chefdruck Musings.

I’ve liked Kyra Sedgwick ever since the 1992 movie “Singles.” I can still remember those ridiculously perfect lines… What took you so long? I was stuck in traffic. And many years later, I got to see the actress in person.

As I’ve written before, Rick and I saw Kyra and her husband Kevin Bacon at a concert in New York (can you believe I wrote SIX whole paragraphs before mentioning the Footloose and free Ren McCormack – ok, they were short paragraphs.). After the concert James Taylor, if you’re wonderingended, we saw the celebrity duo again, this time going home on the subway. Kyra, Kevin, Kelcey and Rick hanging together on the 1 train.

You know, we had such a nice night with them. I wonder why we don’t hear from them anymore. I guess, they just got busy. You know how life can get in the way of close friendships.

So I was thrilled to see Kyra again at last night’s screening. She did a Q and A with the audience and she was just so authentic, honest and funny. She does not shy away from the F word which frankly I find refreshing and only made me like her more, despite her being pretty and skinny and talented.

And I was quite relieved to hear that she, too, has suffered from mom guilt. She admits that she used to feel guilty when her kids were young and she was working. But as she put it, “Unless you’ve killed someone, guilt is a useless emotion.” See, you can learn important stuff from cop shows (I mean, other than how to outsmart the police and keep them off your trail).

Sedgwick also confesses that she used to be a bit obsessive about exercising and talked honestly to her 16 year-old daughter about this. Yes, they have teenagers.

In fact, Kyra and Kevin are celebrating their 20th anniversary this year. And Kevin Bacon is now 50. I know, it seems like just a couple years ago he was fighting for the right to take his sweet Ariel to the prom.

And Sedgwick (who plays a super smart, Southern, fast talking LAPD Deputy Police Chief on the show) says she doesn’t really unwind during the 6 months of filming. In fact, she listens to her lines nonstop on a tape recorder – even when she’s on the toilet.

Yeah, I told you she’s honest.

mama bird notes

Contributing mama Daphne Biener is a girl that just looks good in green. But she’s finding that it’s not always easy to be an eco mama. Kermit could have told you that. Click on contributing mamas to read more.

And Daphne has also just launched her new website, A Greener Biener, dedicated to her family’s efforts to live and eat green. See, that name would have totally not worked if she kept her maiden name “Slade.” Go Bieners! So swing by and check out her new planet friendly blog.

Speaking of our efforts to save the earth, Maggie is the winner of the two reusable bags from eco-artware.com. Email me your address to collect your winnings girl!

And I want to thank the very kind Madge for this super cool award…

I am so enormously grateful. Go check out her awesome, entertaining blog, It’s a Mad Madge World.

29 Responses to kyra sedgwick feels guilty too

  • misty says:

    YES! I agree 100%…
    I met her last summer in Detroit and had the privilege of interviewing her. It’s honestly pretty rare that I get awed by celebrities. It’s either a healthy respect that develops, or a deep disappointment. I am proud to say that she is on my Healthy Respect list. We went to dinner afterwards (husband and I, not Kyra and I) and I know I raved on and on about how real she was…
    And being married to Kevin- staying out of the tabloids and totally succeeding. I love them. It’s true…

    So yes, I HAD to comment! πŸ™‚ Although I am not a fan of The Closer, I love Kyra…

  • Jennifer H says:

    The Closer is one of those shows that I wish I had started watching in the beginning. Maybe I’ll have to get it on DVD and catch up.

    She does seem super cool.

    (And so is Madge…she’s been my best friend for 20 years, but I’m not the only one who thinks she’s cool.) Congrats on your award!

  • kristen says:

    I saw her jump on the cross town bus years back, on my way to the doctor – she got on somewhere around central park west (i was coming from the east) and she smiled at me.

    I thought we should be BFF but I guess, she was already BFF with you. wink. (=

  • Madge says:

    I am having a freakin’ heart attack that my blog has been plugged in the same post as Krya Sedgwick AND Kevin Bacon — i have ONE DEGREE (kind of) w/ K Bacon.. someone give me a paper bag. ok ok.

    that aside — crap he’s 50! he’s still a hottie. and yes, everyone should watch The Closer. great show. my favorite moment may have been when she realized her lipstick was the wrong color for her. been there — probably still there.

    and footloose? I’m swooning just thinking about it.

    and love kyra. love her.


  • The Mom Bomb says:

    I am jealous of your cool friends and the cool clubs you go to and your cool brushes with celebrity. Maybe it’s all the Kevin Bacon references, but I feel so high school right now.

  • Julia says:

    I’m with The Mom Bomb. You do the coolest things. Are you sure you are really a mama? I haven’t watched the Closer, but I’ve been itching to get into it. I should get the DVDs and start since summer tv is awful (you hear that, America’s Got Talent?)

  • Buffy Blackwell says:

    Dammit! Try as I might I just cannot compete in the coolness department…I did drive Adam Scott (the golfer) in my car once during Masters a couple of years ago–does that count?

  • mp says:

    AAAAAGGGGGGGGGGAAAAAA.. Kyra Sedgwick is my all time FAVORITE..well Meryl Streep too but don’t tell Krya. I have gone on and on about the Closer so much that TNT sent me a goodie package. OMG I am SO jealous, I would have LOVED to have been there to stalk her..I mean listen to the Q&A.. I too have been a long time fan..back b4 the Closer..but since she doesn’t do alot of mainstream movies I’d miss some of those Indy performances…OMG I’m rambling. I hear she’s going to be at Blogher too..whild I’m in South Carolina..which is NOT at blogher.
    OK..I was really excited, can you tell.

  • Rhea says:

    I discovered the show The Closer last summer and watched multiple seasons in a row! It’s an awesome show and I just love Kyra’s acting. She’s a neat person. I’d love to see her IRL. Great post!

  • Nap Warden says:

    You know…I keep telling myself I need to check out this show. I haven’t yet.
    Oh, and you you on the train with Ren M., it’s official…you are cooler than me (I suppose I already knew that).

  • classy mommy says:

    just stopped by to say hi and check out your blog after meeting you briefly at the kyra event. she rocked. so cute and loved her advice to to all us moms to leave the guilt behind. and how skinny was she in person? crazy. love your site too! i’ll be back! colleen πŸ™‚

  • Maggie says:

    thank you! I love being a winner. Although my son (he’s 5) was disappointed when I told him I won some bags. He said “I was hoping for 20 McDonald’s coupons and a new hairdo”. Gee, what does that say about me?

  • mp says:

    My friend Bri that is going to blogher is going to some TNT party and the cast was supposed to be there…worth looking into.

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