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My children took a week off from camp last week.


Which means we did a lot of outings, the kids did a lot of creative projects at home and I did a lot of drinking, I mean, cleaning up.


I’m not going to sugarcoat this. Not every activity was a winner. For example – one morning, I took my 5 year old son Chase to the pediatrician for a wart on his foot that has been bothering him – and the four other kids got to come along for the fun of it!

The pediatrician put some kind of magical wart medicine on Chase’s foot and said, “Just don’t get his foot wet until 4 pm this afternoon. At 4, wipe off the medicine.”

No problem! Because I didn’t want to leave anything up to chance, I set my phone to remind me at 4 pm.

We went home and as soon as we arrived my son Chase said, “Can I go in the neighbor’s pool?”

I, because I apparently had no recollection of my morning activity, said, “Sure! I’ll come over and watch you swim.” So of course, all the medicine got washed off and now we get to go back to the pediatrician and do it all over again. I really know how to plan a fabulous summer.

Also last week, my very creative 10 year old printed her own newspaper. It’s called Camp Wapponocca News as a nod to our former New York street.

Wappanocca News

Notice the first upbeat line… “This week, we have a lot of exciting things going on. Like on Monday, we had mommy’s birthday!!”

Along with a photo of me.

How sweet!

Then it says… “She is way younger in that picture.”

Wait, what?! First of all, the picture isn’t that old. It was taken at my friend Adam’s wedding and that was only – okay maybe the picture is a bit dated.

But my gosh, does her first foray into journalism have to involve throwing me under the bus. I guess so.

I’ll let you know when the next issue comes out. I heard the future of journalism is in newspapers.

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