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Kate Middleton did something monumental this week. I mean, other than give birth to the future King of England. She showed off her post baby belly.



She is even wearing an empire waist which actually accentuates the stomach! This duchess has some serious cojones because after I have a baby (I’m the non-duchess in case you are confusing us), I will use anything (the baby, throw pillows, small animals walking by) as a tummy shield when the camera comes out.

It’s no secret that after you have a baby, you still look pregnant. And most of us just aren’t so comfortable showing it off. It is impressive that Kate went for it.

As Charlotte Cowles writes on The Cut, “So was Kate brave to show her belly yesterday? Perhaps. There’s no doubt it was intentional. Everything she wears is always carefully considered, and the dress was custom-made for her. But Kate’s public identity is that of wife and mother. While her identity is certainly tied to her physical appearance, she has nothing to gain by hiding her maternal features. If only more women felt this way.”

But here’s the thing. Everyone on planet earth (I think even my mother) knows that Kate Middleton had a baby. Nobody is going to mistakenly walk up to her post-baby and say, “Congratulations! When are you due?” Not the case for us commoners. Hence the necessity of my t-shirt line.

Look, I don’t love the celebrity culture where one day you are pregnant and very soon after you have a svelte, flat tummy. Is it a personal trainer? Tummy tuck? Photoshop magic? I don’t know. But most of us don’t look like that post baby. Even way post baby.

So it was nice to see the Duchess of Cambridge show what it’s really like to be a new mama. I hope she felt the gratitude worldwide.

16 Responses to kate middleton exposes her post baby belly!

  • Jeneen says:

    I’m so glad you wrote this because I’ve seen quite a few snide comments from both genders about her belly, even from people who’ve had kids.

  • As soon as The Today Show started their 24/7 Live Coverage of Kate having this baby, I thought “how sad. She’ll have that baby today, and tomorrow they’ll be pointing out that she still hasn’t lost the baby weight.” What a sad culture; good for her for not hiding!

  • Angie says:

    I love how Kate showed off her post baby belly! She looked gorgeous. Princess Diana also wore a polka dot gown after she gave birth to William. I am glad she didn’t step out with a flat stomach like some
    Of these other celebs!!

  • MN Mama says:

    I love that she was so confident and poised and real at the same time. I appreciate the role model she is for women.

  • Megly Mc says:

    I think that, that was my favorite part as well, that she looked like a real, normal, new mother. I also loved the twenty minute handoff, because they were both so scared of dropping him, that they were about to have a coronary. Awwww…memories. 🙂

  • OlgaI says:

    wow, I haven’t seen this photo! She could easily hide her not-so-prominent belly in a different dress but she chose this one. Oh and I love their body language

  • Laurie says:

    First thought when seeing Kate and her belly was how much it fit with the “I Love Beer and Babies” website (http://www.ilikebeerandbabies.com/) where she periodically celebrates and features women who send pictures of their bellies after giving birth. Such an important gesture on Kate’s part–bless her. And may Kate be as honest as you, Kelsey, about keeping a sense of humor loving her husband and raising her children.

  • Maria Shault says:

    It is the medias task to make a big deal out of nothing and I feel as though they succeeded here when they never should have. Kate did have a baby…..and her belly being a little large 24 hours after birth is somewhat normal. Please give her a break…..I hope she has a belly wrap in her hospital bag…I must admit they helped me….similar to http://www.vespaandtheladybird.com…….about shapeware is a must for all us moms!

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