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I’m always talking to my kids about karma in the world. I tell them – put good things into the universe and great things will come back to you. Does it always work? I have no idea. But it can’t hurt to put more positive energy out there.

I was recently standing in line at the airport, waiting to buy a snack. The line was long and there was a flight attendant behind me. I figured planes can’t take off without the flight attendants so I let her go ahead of me. She was very grateful and handed me a Southwest drink coupon. And then another flight attendant handed me a free wifi coupon. Wow. Karma is really working!

Eventually, I got on my plane and settled in to watch some dumb romantic comedy I had downloaded earlier. But at our cruising altitude, I realized I had no earphones.

I’m not going to tell you which child removed the earphones from my bag (mostly because I don’t know) but I wasn’t happy.

Well, they must have some on board! (Don’t ever assume this.)

I asked a flight attendant if they had any and she said she’d check. Meanwhile, she was taking drink orders. Since I was headed to New Orleans where I was going to have one or two or thirty frozen margaritas, I figured I didn’t need to start drinking on the plane. When I heard the guy in front of me order an alcoholic drink, I handed my coupon to the flight attendant and said, “I don’t need this. He can use it.”

(Because what better way to ensure the plane has headphones than give my drink coupon away!!)

So the flight attendant said to the guy, “The girl behind you wants to buy your drink.”

OMG. I can’t even see this person and now the flight attendant has me trying to date him.

She sort of immediately realizes this and continues talking. “I mean, she has a drink coupon she doesn’t need. She doesn’t want your number or anything.”

Okay, I guess that clears it up.

So then I sat back to be thanked graciously by the guy in front of me and to be rewarded with headphones. Well, he never even bothered to turn his head and thank me (but in his defense it is very exhausting to turn one’s head) and then the flight attendant came back to tell me that they had no headphones on board.

What is happening here? Did karma fly standby and not make the flight?

With no way to watch my dumb romantic comedy, I read for a bit and then decided to get up and pee. As I was waiting for the bathroom, I chatted with the flight attendant. I expressed my sadness at not having headphones. I’m sure she was very moved by this sad, tragic  story.

She starts fishing around in her apron pocket and unbelievably pulled out a little crushed bag of headphones that she didn’t even know was in there.

Karma did make the flight!

The headphones didn’t work all that well but I was so grateful for the rest of the flight.

It just never hurts to put a free drink coupon (AKA good energy) into the world.

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