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A couple days ago, I was at a playground in Tribeca. Not the dicey, shady park I told you about (I can’t treat my kids to that EVERY day… com’on they would be so spoiled) but a good ol’ family park with glowing, pregnant woman, clean sand and tons of awesome playground equipment.

I was really getting a kick out of this one kid who was dressed in a full pirate’s get-up. A very strong costume for the month of May. This boy seriously did not miss a pirate accessory.

In full disclosure, my daughter Dylan was wearing a bathing cap that very same day. Not for a few minutes. Not for an hour. The entire day.

I can only guess that she is gearing up for the Beijing summer Olympics… in which case I am enormously relieved to see that she is getting plenty of fluids. And I’m sure you can easily imagine how many times I asked her ever so casually, like I really didn’t care at all, “Honey, shall we take off that swim cap now?”

But maybe she didn’t make the qualifying rounds because today, the swim cap was gone. Instead, Peter Pan’s gal pal, Tinkerbell, accompanied me to the grocery store.

But Dylan likes to keep her tulle edgy, so she added pants and camouflage rain boots. It’s sort of a mix of princess and street cool, which I dig.

Anyway, never mind about the pirates and the tinkerbells because I’m pretty, absolutely sure I saw Julia Roberts in the baby aisle at Whole Foods. I noticed a woman picking up Seventh Generation diapers and that’s when I thought, “Holy crap, I need diapers.” And then I immediately forgot all about Summer’s diapers and thought, “Holy mystic pizza, that’s Julia Roberts.”

Now I know I’ve been a bit of a celebrity slut lately with the whole Michael Kors snapshot, but Julia Roberts just seemed so incredibly beautiful and lovely, that I was kind of entranced. I just watched her gracefully maneuvering her cart, rolling it off towards the gourmet cheese section.

I told my husband about the 94% sure sighting and he said, “That Whole Foods is like the grocery store to the stars.”

“Really?! Who else have you seen there?” I asked.

Samantha Bee from “The Daily Show.”

“Oh yes, I’ve seen her in the produce section. And?” I inquired. I couldn’t wait to hear more.

“Umm… I guess that’s it.”


Samantha Bee from Jon Stewarts “Daily Show” is a smart, funny performer but I’m not sure she transforms our Whole Foods into the GROCERY STORE OF THE STARS.

But heck, I don’t care. I’ll start calling it that.

mama bird notes

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One final note, if you believe in the power of prayer or even if you don’t, I would love you to say a prayer for my friend Kristin K. and her family. They really need a miracle and all of you out there are a pretty powerful, amazing group so please hold them in your hearts and keep them in your prayers. Thanks mamas and papas and everyone.

39 Responses to julia roberts and i buy the same diapers

  • calikim says:

    That girl has style!!! I am going to do my hair like you and dress like her!!! Thanks for all the style tips…I needed a new look!

    Funny about Julia Roberts. Sean and Robin Wright Penn are my neighbors, yet no one pays attention to them at Whole Foods. We live where no one cares. Robin Williams and Nick Cage are probably right outside my door. I better go let them in!

  • Becky says:

    I'm not sure what is best about this post. The outfits of Dylan or your Julia Roberts siting! Mystic Pizza was the best! Sigh.

    I saw our local weather guy the other day. Does that count? Yeah, didn't think so.

  • Nap Warden says:

    As one princess Mom to another, I expect Miss Peach to be wearing the rainboots soon:) I'm going with Husband on the "Grocery store to the stars", it makes me happy to think that's where you shop…Say hi to Stephen Colbert when you see him;)

  • kathy says:

    Well at least you didn't run up to her like a babbling fan. I mean, you could have had her sign your diapers, but whatever. Were there any paparazzi outside? Any fancy cars?

  • Cathy says:

    If I saw Julia Roberts in the grocery store, I'd put it on my blog too! Pretty impressive about Dylan wearing a swim cap all day!

  • Jordana's Aunt says:

    Let me know when you spot Julia Roberts buying diapers in the adult section. I won't feel so bad buying Depends (not yet; coming soon).

  • Damselfly says:

    You're so lucky. At the Whole Foods near me, all I get are creepy men lurking in the parking lot. Seriously. Every other time I go.

    Love the Tinkerbell solider outfit!

  • Madmad says:

    My son spent a year walking his older sister to school in a muscled Mr. Incredibles skin-tight one piece; a second year in a similar Spider man outfit. I was looking at a little kid today wearing some odd get-up, thanking my lucky stars I was done with that stage… when my son came home and slapped on his now really, really, really tight Mr. Incredible outfit… He's 7!

  • Milena says:

    Had no problems with my kid until he learned how to take off all his clothes off. The dress du jour is nakedness. Can't walk into a grocery store with a child dressed in nothing but air. I could use that bathing cap of yours. Julia, wow. Holy Mystic Pizza indeed.

    Once, I got trapped in the aisles of my DC social Safeway -that's what we called it 'cause girls and guys would go to pick each other up there – with King Abdullah of Jordan. Secret Service people were about to clear me out like so much spilled ketchup when he waved a hand at them which apparently made it OK for me to stay. I shopped for cornichons with Abdullah. I think that puts me on par with your diaper story Kelcey… don't you? ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • mp says:

    I just wonder who your daughter will grow up to be.. I mean when I was little it was all "garanimals, then the limited, then eddie bauer now chico's…"

    The world is wide open to someone who is Tinkerbell in Camo Rain boots and swim caps w/ no pool.. I'm in awe!

  • motherbumper says:

    Samantha Bee is my idol and I do believe she is Canadian. So IMO – you do shop at Celebrity Grocery Smackdown. All I get is checkout clerks with gravity defying pants that reveal just a bit too much butt crack (but!don't!fall!down!) and a few hundred Bea Arthur lookalikes. And maybe Elvis.

  • Kim says:

    I completely love her outfit.. it is too adorable for words.. My son lives in his spidey and superman outfits.. glad to see I am not alone. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • I could tell from the store layout that it was Whole Foods! I miss Whole Foods, oddly enough, mega giant super store that they've become…

    But more important, I love Dylan's funky sense of style. She's just doing it to give you grey hair! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • nellanies says:

    Would love Dylan's wardrobing advice for maternity gear. Just can't find anything that cute for a 7-mo pregnant figure. Keeping your friend in mind.

  • mackbeth says:

    I think she promotes G-Diapers….hmmm…they will not like the 7th generation thing! I clearly need to get a life if I am retaining that kind of information! I think the only celebrity sightings we have in Denver are the newscasters for sure! We do have Whole Foods though!

  • amy says:

    That girl of yours has some style! Gosh I wish I could wear a Tinkerbell dress to the grocery store, maybe it would actually make it fun!

  • Jessi says:

    I absolutely love that you let Dylan have her own style. I remember letting my stepson wear his shorts, boots and fireman hat when we went shopping (he was about 4). The next time he wore his cowboy hat and a sheriff badge. Low and behold we ran into his mother in the store. Not sure what she said to him, but he took off his hat and badge and never wanted to wear things like that again in public. Broke my heart.

  • michele says:

    Loved the bathing cap, it made me laugh out loud. I really give you credit for giving Dylan all that space to be the creative gal that she seems to be.

  • Erin says:

    Of course I will keep Kristin and her family in my prayers.

    So cool you saw Julia. I love her. One of the true classy hollywood ladies. Well in my opinion any way.

  • sam says:

    first of all, so glad to see the tinkerbell number being put to good use. dylan rocks it with the camo boots. and by the way, i don't know if you know this or not but your husband and julie and i were chatting to ERIC STOLZ yesterday at the playground. is that cool or not so much?

    thank you for calling in love and miracles for kristin and family. i for one am focusing deep love/healing energy in their direction. miracles DO happen.

  • Gabriella's mom says:

    I just love how children this age don't care what Joan Rivers and her like would say. She's a real trend setter. What no quick papparazo photo of JR in WF? I am always too slow when I see a famous person. I once saw Winona Ryder (pre shoplifting scandals and all) and was like "oh my gosh, I know her, where do I know her from? oh I should know this, did I go to high school or college with her? I can't remember" until I heard someone say "hey that was Ryder!" needless to say I felt pretty dumb.

    Will pray for Kristin K.

    PS: where is the link to the cool teether necklace I think I saw you had posted on here, I want to get one! Thanks, great stuff on here!

  • Tully's Mama says:

    This is me freaking out. She is so money. That's the biggest star yet, isn't it? I mean, you've had some good-uns but this delight takes the cake. I'm not worthy. Tell Dylan that Tink's my favorite.

  • Marcia (Ava & Li says:

    When I dressed like Dylan, my parents dragged me off to the psychiatrist. Of course I was in my 20's, and was a 'trend setter'. But my parents thought I should be wearing Ann Fogerty and matching socks. (For Xmas I had on one green one, one red one). My father was a Buyer in the Garment Center…and 'style' was my mother's middle name. I still dress like Dylan…I hope she never outgrows her style; and you never drag her off to the Shrink..

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