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For some reason on Sunday morning, when it was very oven like outside, Rick and I decided not to go to the pool but instead to take a family jaunt to the farmer’s market. A farmer’s market always sounds like a charming family activity but it’s really a 22 minute excursion where you pay $10 for picked tomatoes and and another $15 for two pints of strawberries.

Sure you could pay less at the grocery store while staying cool but it doesn’t sounds as Norman Rockwell to say you spent the morning in aisle 4 of Stop & Shop.

After purchasing our produce at the outdoor market, we decided to check out a nearby street where a movie is being filmed. Now when I lived in the West Village of Manhattan, I could rarely go out for a cup of coffee without tripping on wires from some production company filming something. I would usually let out a deep sigh as some 14 year-old production assistant exerted his one shred of authority by telling me to cross the street because they were “about to roll” on a shot.

The only time I paid any attention to one of these productions is when Jennifer Aniston was filming a movie on my street. I really wanted to get a glimpse of her, mostly to tell her that I was so happy she and Ross finally ended up together. I mean, it made my 2004. But alas, that girl is very tricky and she evaded me.

Once you move to a small town, a film production is less an annoyance and more of an après farmer’s market outing. The disillusioned New Yorker is gone – replaced by the mother of five who is desperate to come up with activities for her family on a hot, sticky Sunday.

Therefore since Jason Bateman and Tina Fey are filming a movie in my town, I figured we would take the kids over there and show them a little bit about the magic of movie making. Or what a bunch of production trucks look like.

At first it was a whole of nothing. A 14-year-old production assistant kept me from walking up the street because they were “about to roll.” Then 5 week old Cash needed to nurse so I plopped myself down on a friend’s stoop so I could feed him. Then the twins had to pee so Rick knocked on another neighbor’s door so they could use the bathroom.

Then suddenly, there he was…

Jason Bateman 1

Wait, here’s a closer look…

jason bateman 2

 (Photo Credit: Jennifer Echlov)

Jason Bateman! Now that’s a family outing! Of course, none of the kids care about Jason Bateman. They were just sweaty and wondering why we weren’t at the pool. So we took our movie memories, our overpriced strawberries and headed home to change into our bathing suits. Well, I didn’t wear a suit. I had a baby 5 weeks ago! I’m not insane.

mama bird notes:

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