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Several years ago, my husband co-anchored a morning show for a bit.  Not surprisingly, he was fantastic. Quick witted, energetic with lots of smart, fun commentary. I mean, this was a guy you wanted to wake up with.

Gosh, I hate ending a sentence with a preposition. Let me try again.

I mean, this was a guy you wanted to wake up with, amiright?

So much better.

Then Jovial TV guy would come home from work.

Except it wasn’t the same guy. Jovial TV Guy turned into Cranky In Person guy.  He was tired and impatient, with no funny banter.

Where was the damn funny banter? So I explained to Cranky In Person Guy that I wanted to be married to Jovial TV Guy. But unfortunately Jovial TV Guy was only available from 2 am to 7 am and well, that’s when I sleep so it didn’t work out.

Now eventually Rick became much less cranky during the day and then went back to a normal schedule, so it all balanced out. But here’s the thing. We all have an outside personality and an inside personality. Like when Rick and I go out to dinner with other couples, I’m absolutely sure he’s like, “Who’s that sassy, lighthearted girl named Kelcey? I want to be married to her, instead of the one who keeps complaining about me putting plastic in the dishwasher. Because why can’t plastic go in the dishwasher?!!”

I guess that’s why it’s important to go out. So you can remember the spouse you fell in love with. (There’s that pesky preposition thingy again.) Because the day to day operations of running a home and raising children can wear a person and a relationship out. Seriously.

When you go out (especially with other people), you get to be your best self and see your spouse’s best self. And not just the person snoring and drooling on the couch – although I really try to keep the drool to a minimum.

You look across the restaurant table and think to yourself, “Who is that handsome, smart guy with the funny banter? I would TOTALLY date him.”

And lucky for you, you married him.

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