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I think at this point most of us can agree that parenting is not the HARDEST JOB.

Because I’m pretty sure between taking Chase and Harlowe to their gym class this morning and picking Summer up for preschool, I was not asked to parachute into enemy territory and take out a terrorist in hiding.

Because I’M NOT A NAVY SEAL for gosh sakes.

I’m a mom.

Which doesn’t mean there aren’t challenges. There always have been.

Once upon a time, women just stayed home, tending to their children and mountains of laundry and wondered if there was something more.

Then women were told they could have it all… the husband, the kids, the high powered career and they wondered if they had it all, why were they so exhausted?!

Today, most women are trying desperately to achieve balance.

Because I really like you guys, I’m going to save you a lot of blood, sweat and tears by just letting you know that there really is no balance out there. Well, maybe just a smidgeon.

No matter what kind of life we have weaved together… working full time, part time, volunteering or spending hours crocheting booties for our pet rabbit, we can’t help but think… Am I doing enough for my job? Am I doing enough for my kids? Am I doing enough to make sure my bunny has good arch support?

I rarely feel like I have found the perfect balance.

I don’t think men struggle with this. Certainly not as much.

Women often want to be everything. Do everything. And we don’t want to be mediocre at everything. We want to be perfect!

The best thing we can do is let go of the idea that there is ever any kind of real balance. Sometimes we will feel like we are working too much. Sometimes we will feel like the duties of parenting and being a good spouse are taking over every inch of us.

Sometimes we feel lonely. Sometimes we feel smothered. Our jobs are too demanding. Our jobs aren’t challenging enough. Our kids want us too much. They want us too little.

But every now and then, there will be moment. When you’ve put down the iPhone for a bit and started an unexpected pre-bedtime dance party to boy band One Direction and suddenly life clicks. Everyone is smiling, leaping and laughing.

And then as quick as it came, it’s gone, as one kid takes a dive into the wood floor, the crying begins, these kids need to go to bed, you’re starving, you have work to do, how did it get so late?

But for a beautiful, gorgeous moment, you had balance.


What would have to change—in your life, in people’s attitudes, or in our society—for women to have an easier time managing work-life balance? Share your answer below and like Smarter Life Better Planet on Facebook to be entered to win a Haier microwave for your family along with an additional microwave to be donated to the Food Bank for New York City!

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