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Last night, I fed 16-month-old Chase and Harlowe dinner and then asked them to play quietly and happily at my feet while I prepared dinner for my older girls.

But they, for some reason, only wanted to be held.

And because it’s really difficult to actually make dinner while holding two children, I finally got them interested in one of the kitchen cabinets.

They seemed really intrigued and everything was going swimmingly for a good 8 seconds until they spilled an entire box of Life cereal on the floor.

And while I was trying to find a broom and a dustpan in my rental house to clean it up, they stepped on the cereal, mashed it into the floor and tracked it as far as they could toddle.

As I attempted to clean up the cereal mayhem that was spreading faster than Contagion, the twins had turned their efforts to the open freezer and began removing ice cubes and throwing them on the floor.

This seemed harmless enough until the ice cubes started melting, turning the cereal remnants into paste and also causing C & H (sort of like B & H without all the cameras and other electronics) to slip all over the place.

And, of course, Dylan and Summer were still hungry and for reasons that are still unclear to me did not want to eat wet soggy Life cereal off the floor.

So I strapped Chase and Harlowe right back into their chairs and squelched any possible protests by handing them each a gigantic chocolate chip cookie.

Life is working out just fine for these two.


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