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On Saturday evening I had my traditional Mother’s Day Eve dinner.Β  This year we dined with some close friends, enjoyed delicious food and then stole Grappa dessert wine from another table.

We just sort of noticed that the foursome sitting beside us left quite a bit of wine when they departed the restaurant.Β  And in an effort to honor the sacrifices of our mothers, we could not in good conscience let it go to waste.

Plus, my friend’s husband astutely pointed out that the other patrons hadn’t even touched the dessert wine. And sure, we could have left it for the waiter, who was a dead ringer for a younger, thinner, more metro sexual, less funny Will Arnett (okay, less “dead ringer” and more “faintly resembled him”) but we drank it instead. Maybe it was selfish. But screw it. It was Mother’s Day Eve.Β  Not Will Arnett Look Alike eve.

Which brings me to Mother’s Day.

I slept in (which now apparently means 8:20 am) and then opened adorable, more than perfect gifts from my entire family.Β  Then we spent the afternoon at the beach where I gathered my blessed offspring and forever captured the beauty of the day….

After the beach we drove home and my husband offered me some options….

1. Go to the grocery store

2. Feed and bathe all four children.

I waited patiently for the third option which I could only imagine must be some sort of foot rub, bubble bath, chocolate fountain combination.

But unbelievably, there was no third option.

Mother’s Day sadly was over.

I fed and scrubbed all four. Kissed their sweet, freshly washed cheeks. And thanked the heavens for my amazing, sweet, energetic, messy, creative, funny, beautiful children.

And, of course, expressed my gratitude for free Grappa.

25 Responses to it’s not mother’s day until you steal wine

  • Becky says:

    Good wine should never go to waste! Unfortunately, it always seems to go to waist.

    Mother’s Day eve….I need to start celebrating that.

  • Great great picture. I also bathed my children on Mother’s Day while my husband watched sports. Luckily, they are pretty adorable when wet otherwise I would have been slightly bitter. Gratitude is one of God’s best gifts to us mamas.

  • Was in a restaurant in Sonoma last year when the table next to us got up and left a rather full bottle of wine on their table. One of the girls at our table thought we should acquire it. While discussing it, the guy came back to the table and said, ‘my wife said we really shouldn’t just leave the wine here since it was a gift and it would be a waste. Why don’t you ask the girls having the girls night if they would like it.’
    See, women get it – we stick together and … we didn’t steal it – but it was close πŸ˜‰

  • kimmy says:

    Hmmmm do you suppose by sleeping in till the late, late, late, late, hour of 8:20am, you slept through the “foot rub, bubble bath, chocolate fountain combination” that is the only semi acceptable reason in my book for the lack, of course semi acceptable does not mean that the Husband/babies Daddy shouldn’t endevor to make up for this oversight/oversleep by double ne trippling the foot rubbing, chocolate, bubbly goodness. lol

  • annie says:

    so when you say you have your hands full, you aren’t exaggerating are you? LOVE the photo! A truly honest motherhood moment πŸ™‚

  • Aunt Marcia says:

    People leave wine on the table because an ‘open container of alcohol’ in the car is a trip to the local jail or court. You do them a favor when you take it and drink it…just in case they came back ‘for it’…It was your ‘good deed for Mother’s Day’….

  • Elizabeth says:

    I love the image of you waiting for the third foot rub-massage-chocolate option. I had a very similar experience toward the end of Mother’s Day, and sadly, like in you case, my offered options did not progress beyond option two, clearing the table and loading the dishwasher, to any option three involving any manner of chocolate or relaxing body contact.

  • Jen says:

    Grappa! whooo that stuff is, well, I think it puts hair on ones chest, ha ha… But I’ll bet stolen grappa tastes better than plain old grappa πŸ™‚ xox

  • Rosstwinmom says:

    LOVE the picture. I have a Mother’s Day riddle you may enjoy.

    If I get to sleep in because it’s Mother’s Day, does that make every other day of the year Father’s Day?

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