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The other night, I was watching Marinka’s Voices of the Year presentation at BlogHer ’10. I initially missed it because Wendi and I had to get everything ready for our Mouthy Housewives party that night (transporting 10 trillion gift bags and trying to locate some magical tape if I remember correctly). So months later, I’m finally getting a chance to see it and then —

“Kelcey, come upstairs NOW!” Rick yells.

Well, it turns out 4 year-old Summer had started vomiting.

Now I don’t blame Marinka – although the coincidence was uncanny. And it probably wouldn’t kill her to send over a case of Pedialyte to make things right between us.

Summer threw up two times and then went back to sleep. By morning, she was still fine and that afternoon I took her and Dylan to this vacation camp thingy.ย  And as I’m dropping them off, Dylan leans over to one of the counselors and says,

“Last night, my sister was throwing up. So if she doesn’t feel well, I’ll let you know and you’ll call our mom to come get her.”

Okay. Not information I was probably going to share. But there it is.

So I nervously smiled at the counselor and then left. Quickly.

There was no call to pick Summer up. Not that my phone was on.

And that night came Prince at Madison Square Garden. I’m not a huge Prince fan. I’m sort of the garden variety red beret wearing, Dynasty watching, acting my age, not my shoe size kind of fan.

But Rick worships the guy…

See. I told you.

As for me, I learned three things at the Prince concert…

1.If Prince takes too long to come back on stage for his encore, the gay guy behind us will shout, “Come on out you Diva! You’re not Barbara Streisand or Celine Dion for God sakes.”

2. There is a niche market for ruffled, purple silk shirts and red, sequined mock turtlenecks. And it’s pretty much just Prince. And some other guy in section 304 at MSG.

3. Prince has a tighter, smaller ass than any of us.

P.S. Happy New Year’s Everyone. Let’s party like it’s 1999. Oh come on. You knew that was coming.

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