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I never know quite what to do with the teeth that get left for the tooth fairy.

Throwing them out seems unsentimental but keeping them seems totally creepy. I tend to shove them in envelopes or little boxes in my closet. One of my kid’s baby teeth once fell out of an evening purse but I swear I never put it in there.

Some day my poor kids are going to be combing through old boxes and baby teeth are just going to rain down on them.

I don’t even know how we parents keep the tooth fairy magic alive. Sometimes the tooth fairy forgets to come. TWO NIGHTS IN A ROW.  Other times the tooth fairy borrows the same $2 bill she gave last visit and puts it under the pillow again. (But in all fairness, you can’t criticize such an admirable recycling effort.)

Ever since I read my children Silverlicious from the Pinkalicious series, nearly 5 year old Harlowe wants to know which tooth is her “sweet tooth.”  I’ve tried explaining that having a “sweet tooth” does not refer to a specific tooth but rather the desire to eat an entire chocolate cake at 3 in the morning.  But apparently she thinks I’m wrong because Pinkalicious is the almighty ruler of everything.

None of my children have lost a tooth in awhile but my 10 year old daughter Dylan always has a lot of requests when she does.


She once left a note for the tooth fairy demanding money for herself and her two sisters which seemed very ambitious.  Although I think the tooth fairy got tipsy on chardonnay and actually followed suit.

Dylan also wanted the tooth fairy to leave a photo of herself but the tooth fairy left a return note insisting she’s not from the selfie generation.

I recently saw one of my favorite letters to the tooth fairy. A little girl lost her tooth at her cousin’s house and couldn’t find it. She immediately took action and wrote a note to the tooth fairy….

tooth fairy letter

Girl, I like your moxie. Way to get what you deserve.

7 Responses to it’s amazing parents can keep the tooth fairy magic alive

  • Lanie says:

    Have you ever used the tooth fairy app? It is free – and gives u options of pictures of the tooth fairy with your child.

    Where are your baby teeth? xo

  • Princess Judy says:

    I was a very disappointed adult who didn’t get a tooth fairy visit after the wisdom teeth came out. In fact, I had to pony up a ridiculous amount of money myself. The tooth fairy could have offset some of that.

  • Shelley says:

    I used the same 5 silver dollars for everyone of my 2 boys teeth. They would ask me to hold them and then I would pull one out and give it again. Once the tooth fairy left the dollar on the microwave because the tooth sat there for a week because my son kept forgetting to put it under his policy?
    Chuck the teeth! They all look alike and its not like you can tell which childs it is once they are mingled. It could make a really creepy necklace by the time your 5 are done. 🙂

  • Leigh Ann says:

    One of my 7yos lost a tooth TODAY. Let’s see if the tooth fairy comes through. Last time she forgot, she blamed it on all the snow in Buffalo and left candy for all the children. In fact I think it was Mr Tooth Fairy on duty that night

  • Ursula says:

    My son once wrote a note, “Dear Tooth Fairy (or as I like to call you, Mom)..” As an older teenager, he texted me after his younger sister losing a tooth, saying “are you going to be the tooth fairy tonight, or should I?” This proves ot only his responsible, caring nature, but also that he realized long ago that I make a lousy unreliable tooth fairy!

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