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I am always thinking about when the twins need to nurse. It’s like I’m MacGyver and I have to disassemble a bomb every two hours (plus do school pick-ups and the grocery shopping). So I’m constantly in a time panic.

Except when I let my guard down. Which happened this week.

Rick was off from work. We first pick up Summer at preschool and then he runs in to get Dylan at kindergarten. I know the twins feeding time has passed but I just pray they are quietly sleeping in their car seats. I am afraid to check.

Then Harlowe begins to cry. Loudly.

“Harlowe is crying mommy!” Summer alerts me.

No problem. I take Harlowe out of her car seat, do not make any kind of eye contact with Chase out of fear he will notice me. I begin breastfeeding Harlowe in the front seat.

Then Chase, who apparently does not need eye contact to know he’s hungry, begins to cry.

Oh Sh#t.

“Chase is crying mommy!” Summer alerts me.

I call Rick on his cell. No answer. Where are they?

Chase cries louder.

I stop nursing, get back out of the car, realize my boob is hanging out, cover it up and then get Chase out of his car seat. And that’s when Rick and Dylan show up and find one stressed out mama, two screaming babies and a 3 year-old who keeps notifying me that yes, the babies are still crying.

Somehow Rick helps me get both twins latched on.

And I now know that I can nurse both babies in the car, WITHOUT a boppy.

I don’t think MacGyver ever accomplished that.

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