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I have never been a spa girl. Never. Something about being wrapped in seaweed and lying in a softly lit room while the “Best of Enya” is piped in just makes me really bored and itchy.

Gosh, I would love to scratch my knee if only I wasn’t triple sealed in plastic wrap. Is anyone coming back? The timer went off… Hello?! Is anyone coming back to unwrap me? My knee itches!

My idea of relaxation is sitting down on my couch, with a bowl of low fat ice cream (reduced fat to remove the guilt factor), in my Juicy sweatpants, and watching 60 Minutes “Lipstick Jungle.” See – if they opened a crap television and ice cream spa in my hood, I would sooo be there.

I thought I was the only one watching this “Lipstick Jungle” show but it turns out there are quite a number of you. There are a few reasons to tune in… like the fun clothes (though they’re not on par with the “Sex in the City” threads).


Nico’s secret or not-so-secret boy toy (ok, he’s mostly the reason to watch).


and if you’re still aching for a little Andrew McCarthy since “Pretty in Pink” left theatres…


…Gosh, he got old. I know. How can I say such a thing about sweet Andew with his soft eyes and late 80’s unconstructed blazer?


Enough about Andrew or “Andy” as I like to call him because we are so freakin’ tight.

But there really are a couple of very compelling reasons to skip “Lipstick Jungle.” Like the way dumb dialogue between the three female leads… and the constant, annoying sex scenes between Brooke Shields’s character, a mother of two, and her hubby. I like a sex scene as much as the next girl (refer back to Nico’s boy toy) but this just gets gross…


and makes you wonder, are all power movie executives able to fit in a quickie between making waffles for their kids and their business breakfast at 8 am? Every. Single. Day.

I was pleased to notice some new episodes of “Men in Trees” pop up on my sparse DVR (those writers are back at work… right?). I’ve always had kind of a kinship with Anne Heche’s character on “Men in Trees” because she plays a New York City girl trying to acclimate to life in Alaska.

My first on-air TV job was in Great Falls, Montana (yeah, I didn’t know where it was either). The day I got there it was MINUS 30 degrees. Apparently, it’s a DRY cold. So it feels more like 80 degrees minus 25.

I spent a year in Montana and I never ran into one guy who resembled sexy, sensitive Jack or woodsy, slightly greasy Cash from “Men in Trees.” Maybe I didn’t look hard enough. But there was breaking news to report. Like the opening of the first Great Falls Burger King. I so wish I was kidding.

Speaking of burgers, remember this?


It’s a hamburger phone, as seen in the movie, “Juno.” Since my husband, the handsome pack rat, has left it sitting on the bureau for TWO MONTHS now, mama bird Allison T. has agreed to take it and put it on HER bureau.

Allison, you are a burger lovin’ fool. I am filled with medium to well-done gratitude.

mama bird notes
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18 Responses to it’s a jungle out there

  • Aw, I think Andrew McCarthy looks great. My girlfriend in high school used to have a huge crush on him and he went to the same video store as I did so she would make us follow him home. She had this idea she was going to ask him to our prom or something. *sigh* high school….

  • Portia says:

    I LOVE Lipstck Jungle…have the last 2 episodes DVR’d will watch now that i’m off for the next 2 days. Am I the only one who gets “Cashmere Mafia” and “Lipstick Jungle” characters mixed up ? Do tell…BTW Kelcey…I had a date w/ an NYPD fireman this weekend and had him read ‘the fireman blog’ He got a kick out of it!

  • wa says:

    I just love how you start with one topic then end up in a completely different place. That’s usually how I talk.
    And my female show right now is “The Real Housewives of NY”. They could so kick the OC Housewives’ asses.

  • Jacki says:

    I was so in love with Andrew McCarthy back when he was in Mannequin.

    Have you checked out the show New Amsterdam. The lead character is hot….and Danish. πŸ˜‰ I have a thing for guys from Denmark.

  • nap warden says:

    Seriously, I started watching just for the boy toy…then it was for the clothes…It is good to see our boy Blaine to…but the girls together…really dumb. That said, I will so be there this week!

  • Ice cream (low fat of course) is my weakness too and don’t you just so miss those classic 80’s movies?? And I SO miss watching SITCity…

    Joe actually turned down a TV job in MN because it was just too darn cold to exist in place like that.

    I think you should host a “husband” giveaway (not to give your husband away – just the phone)! πŸ˜‰

  • Jen says:

    Of course I need to comment since I was your “sidekick” in that 30 below Montana craziness! And I need to point out, that while you had to move back to NYC to find your sweetie, I actually found my cute little hubby in Great Falls … go figure! πŸ™‚

  • Lulu says:

    You kill me. “Best of Enya” and “triple sealed” – you’re funny.

    Can’t wait for SATC movie. Let’s have an online party. πŸ™‚

  • mp says:

    Are you telling me that Andrew McCarthy is in Lipstick Jungle and I’m not watching it.. I was SO in love with him. I wanted to so make out with those skinny little lips..OH and St Elmo’s Fire.. I SO wanted to be his girlfriend. Great thanks..now I’ll be thinking of him all day long.

  • Allison T. says:

    First and foremost, thanks for the phone. However, am I now required to answer it saying, "Yo yo yiggaty yo" or "Honest to blog?" If so, I may have to check the return policy.

    On another note, I am impatiently awaiting the 3/24 return of The Hills! I actually wiggled with glee when I saw the promo commercial. It's amazing that pretty Lauren is going to take her bad dating decisions global, but I'll admit I'm ready to watch it happen. Bring on the fro-yo and Kelcey's post-show commentary!

  • erin says:

    I thought I was the only one watching Lipstick Jungle too; gotta love the boy toy. Also thought I was the only woman to dislike spas; I felt it was against the woman code, glad Im not the only one out there.

  • Valerie says:

    I've been watching Lipstick Jungle too (thank goodness for TIVO). While I do love the scenes with Kirby and Andrew McCarthy (I loved him in Pretty In Pink as much as any other girl in the 80s) I have also been a bit disapointed. And Kelcey you nailed it that it was the lame dialog between the characters. The show has potential but it needs some work. I'm catching up on all the posts, and continue to enjoy it very much!

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