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So you know what really helps a 2 year-old start potty training?

Taking her potty out of storage.

I truly can not believe someone hasn’t asked me to write a parenting book yet.

While 2 year-old Summer has finally started to take a brief peek at life outside the diaper, my husband Rick has been making an appearance on “The Daily Show.” And when I say “appearance,” I mean, “being ridiculed.”

But heck, it’s “The Daily Show!”Β  That’s way cooler than an Emmy.

Did you see him? The last anchor in that montage?!

So anyway, despite Rick’s assurances to not freak out, I’m off to obsess over Swine Flu or whatever we’re calling it today.

And of course, to follow the breaking news story in People Magazine that Sasha and Malia may be shirking their dog responsibilities.

Man, at least that one we saw coming.

mama bird notes:

If you are following my genetic journey on 23andMe, here is an excerpt from my latest post..

“My Parkinson’s results remain locked. It’s been weeks since I received my 23andMe results. Despite initials fears, I really believe the results are very empowering. I really like knowing more about myself….”

To read more, visit 23andMe by clicking here.

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