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Hey, happy 4th of July everyone! I totally dig freedom. Because if you want to wax your back and dress up like Marilyn Monroe to celebrate 60 years of awesome livin’, gosh darn it, you can do it.

You know… like this dude. Recognize him? Unless you are tight with my in-laws, you probably don’t. Yes, they associate with this shy guy.

Trust me, you would want to hang with him too. He’s way funny, super tan and enjoys a cocktail or two. Those are pretty much the qualities I enjoy in a friend.

Freedom also rocks because if you happen to be 3 1/2 and just feel like your split ends are making you crazy, well, you don’t have to wait for your busy bee parents to take you to the salon for a trim. No, no, no. While Daddy is making dinner and Mommy is taking a little power nap and your sister is playing with that has been baby doll, you can just grab your kid scissors and do it all by yourself.

Although the tuft of hair was a bit startling to look at, the damage to Dylan’s do seems to be very minimal. Will confirm in the daylight. Since it took Dylan about 2 years to even GROW hair, I’m feeling ridiculously relieved.

And freedom also kicks arse because if you want to put on a pair of fairy wings, throw your hair in piggie tails, don some princess heels and relax in the sunshine, well… then go ahead.

Because it’s just that kind of country.

So thank you to all who made freedom ring. Because if the Brits were still in charge, we’d all be eating bangers and mash and drinking warm beer this weekend and well, that would totally suck.

But, of course, we would all have those sassy accents and we’d be totally cutting edge with our smart, natty fashion – so maybe that would be pretty brilliant after all.

Alright, alright… go kiss a Brit this 4th of July. Just nothing open mouth because the hubbys get their knickers in a bunch over that.

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32 Responses to it’s a free country

  • calikim says:

    Forget about the hubby not approving an open mouth kiss….their teeth are gnarnley!!!!! Why would you wanna do it??? Oh and by the way, every kid cuts their own hair….it WILL grow back!!! No biggie. HAPPY 4TH!!!!!

  • Jennifer H says:

    Um, I’m not super-tan. Or even a little bit tan. Can we still be friends? (nervously bites nails…)

    I want that sassy accent, and some Yorkshire pudding. But I dig freedom, too.

  • JoLynn says:

    You silly, silly girl!!!! I just love you and your sense of humor!!! And I LOVE that little Summer!!!! She’s following her big sis’s footstep’s with the dress code!!! Happy 4th!!

  • wa says:

    Let me know how that cut turns out. I’m in desperate need of one myself and just realized I have a houseful of kid scissors at my disposal.

  • Cathy says:

    So glad I haven’t gone through the cut-your-hair-yourself trauma yet with my kids, although we’d just give them buzz cuts if they did. Your daughter’s pig tails are so cute. I admire them every time I see them. Happy Fourth!

  • francine Kasen says:

    I wish Marilyn Monroe a Happy 4th as well!!! Know him….and won’t reveal his real identity! I will be kissing an Italian for the 4th. Not because they had anything to do with our freedom, but just because. No open mouth!!?? Drat! Have a wonderful Holiday all! BTW.. As careful as I’ve been for 35 years….I have turned down 4 plastic bag offers this week alone. I want those reusables! My purse is getting stretched out! XXX

  • Rene says:

    Well…I’m pretty much all of those things you are looking for in a friend except the tan part — doesn’t sickly, see-through, glow-in-the-dark white appeal to you at all? πŸ˜‰

    Don’t worry too much about the hair — DS cut as close as possible on the very front of his hair the day before 1st grade school pics! I was devastated at the time and figured since the pic would suck anyway I let him pick out his own outfit that day. He picked this purple soccer ensemble that he wore nearly everyday and that pic has become one of my favorites. It shows him as he really was at that time in his life. Now that he’s turning 18 I wish I could go back in time and love on him more even even when he did things that made me crazy!

  • Rhea says:

    Dylan is adorable in her wings outfit. What a cutie! Her hair doesn’t look so bad.

    I think it took both my boys two years to grow hair also. They were so bald. But, once they grew it, it was thick and lots of it. Remy also cut his hair once. Not so good looking. Not a lot you can do with boys’ hair to hide it either.

    Love the giveaway, I entered!

  • Milena says:

    Flutter made me laugh with her comment. Loved Mr. Marilyn Monroe, loved that the in-laws are so hip. Loved the wings and choppy hair and the princess kick heels. Love it that you can take a power nap while the hubby cooks dinner. Loved that one especially. It’s a great country, no doubt about it. There is space for everything and for all. I became a citizen two days ago so I can state that with some authority.

  • Erinb says:

    my first haircut was by my sister…she was 4 and I was 6. She cut my bangs and they were a tad…um…short…so I tried to cover them up using a headband- but my mom was no fool..she saw all those little hairs popping out of the hairband. we thought my hair would be like that little doll where you pulled her hair and it grew…it was not.
    happy belated 4th! xo

  • Di says:

    And if you are like me and my friends, you can sing Goodbye Earl in front of a hundred people at a karaoke party and embarrass your kids to death! Liberty is a wonderful thing!

  • Aunt Marcia (Guess Whose?) says:

    Be thankful Dylan doesn’t have a little brother to perform a bris on with a pair of sissors. OUCH…

  • Mini-et-Moi says:

    Sadly you’ll never find a Brit with a tan like Mr. M! I guess that writes off any chance of friendship with a Brit – they’re all so pasty and white … And the funky clothing is just to divert attention from the white knees! :o)
    Haven’t been past in a while (big technical issues) … and I’ve missed so much!

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