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We’ve been desperately searching for a new babysitter. I’ve posted the job everywhere.

One problem is candidates are googling my name and finding my blog.  And apparently not everyone is looking to care for a boy who lives in a dishwasher. Or work in a house with a raccoon skull. Or come over and check out my new breast pillow.

I wonder if it’s too late to be anonymous and call myself Motherhood in NYC.

I did recently receive an email from one candidate (who hopefully is not reading this right now) who sounded awesome.

A graduate student majoring in child development.

Extensive experience as a nanny.

Experience with twins.

And then came the final paragraph…

“I am also an animal lover. I have six cats of my own and a new puppy…… One of my cats is leashed trained, so I walk my cat and dog together! I get plenty of attention for sure!”

Wait – what?!

So I read the email to my husband, who was sick, exhausted and at the time scrubbing baby food off our walls and he said…

“Book her. She sounds great. Hire that woman immediately. ”

“What? Hire her? I don’t even know her. She could be an animal hoarder.”

“She’s an animal lover. Not a hoarder. There’s a difference. Book her.”

“Rick – I have to talk with her. Interview her. Make sure the kids like her. Check her references. I found her on Craig’s List and you want me to just hire her? Don’t you care about my security? But obviously I’m calling her. We’re dying over here. I’m not scared off because of a few – okay, six cats. And frankly, I’d like to see that cat on a leash thing.”

Plus, we have six kids. Okay, four. But the point is – it’s a lot.

Then I talked to my mom who is also a huge animal lover. She’s the one after all who thinks each of my children looks like her dogs.

“Mom – what do you think about a potential nanny who has great experience but also has six cats and walks one of them on a leash?”

“Just be careful because she’s probably furry.”

All I could imagine was some nanny who doesn’t shave her legs or armpits which isn’t a problem as long as she folds laundry and washes dishes.

“What do you mean when you say furry?”

“She’s around cats all the time. She’s probably covered in hair and it will end up in your house.”

Good point. I’ll bring her in for an interview. See if this gal is furry or not.  Unless of course she’s reading this, in which case, I’ll keep looking.

mama bird notes:

I’m over at The Mouthy Housewives today giving advice on what to do for fun when you’re too old to bar hop but too young for shuffleboard.

32 Responses to it’s a fine line between an animal lover and an animal hoarder

  • Stasha says:

    My son goes to Preschool that has a full size statue of Mary in the front garden, more candles in windows of the house that you would require for sacrificing an elephant and two blind dogs in the back yard. I bit the bullet out of necessity.
    He loves it, can sign all letters at the age of three, is better in Spanish then me and knows all about jelly fish.
    And the other day I spoke to a mom at the playground and she told me my sons Academy is harder to get in then the White house. Apparently it’s the Ritz of our town. Go figure.
    I don’t know if this will help you. Guess what I am trying to say is sometimes, when we are forced to make a quick decision against our better judgement, things work out.
    Unless the cat wears a muzzle!!

  • Lotte B says:

    wow…6 cats? (and a puppy…but that seems normal). But 6 cats?

    You told the kids about her? Reaction?

    Honestly – at first she sounds really weird with 6 cats, but I think that your kids are gonna love her. They gonna love to walk the cat…and then they will be begging for a cat…

      • Kerri says:

        Go for the cat if there are no allergeis vs a “pocket pet” or even a bunny. We have one bunny & 3 cats (only 1/2 crazy except we have 2 dogs and 4 horses & at one point we had another dog as well as guinea pigs, rats, hamsters & mini-hamsters).

        Anyways…. our one rabbit makes more of a mess then the dogs & cats! I would much rather clean out a kitty litter then the rabbit cage. The bedding (cats don’t need any…well except for your bed or one of the kids or even a backpack or purse will do!) is everywhere as bunnies have the instinct to dig a den so they muck about in the bedding instead. There are wood chips & hay all over the house & it needs to be swept. Also with all the flinging about of bedding, bunny pellets (poop which look like edibles to both the other pets & younger children) end up flung out too. Now that the weather is getting nicer the bunny will be going outside in a pen protected from the elements and the wolves, racoons, coyotes, fishers, etc.!

  • Kerri says:

    I think she sounds awesome! I have my 7 biological kids, plus 4 that I foster and then we also babysit for other children (while I still have my 5 at home all day, including 2 sets of twins, the others are in school & my oldest has her own house)…wait….does that make me…. a child hoarder?…LOL!!!

  • Slow Panic says:

    i have four pets. please don’t judge me. three dogs and a cat. and when i walk the three dogs the cat tags along. i am the freak in the neighborhood.

    also, i didn’t know you could wash baby food off the walls. i gotta go get a scrub brush now.

  • Kim W. says:

    We have four cats, three kids, three fish, two frogs, and two mice. We’d get a dog if only our landlord would let us.

    When my husband and I moved in together, I wasn’t worried about my two kids — I was worried that our four cats wouldn’t get along. Caring for six cats (keeping them healthy, not fighting, and cleaning the litter) is a handful. She sounds good to me! (Of course you can lock a cat in another room when it’s naughty, but not a kid.)

  • Tonya says:

    I think we all have our little idiosyncrasies…of course, only crazy people say this, ones like myself who are convinced a hamster would totally kill you in your sleep. But then again I have a kid and have managed to keep him from harm (and hamsters) for 3 years so I say give her a shot…

  • Patrick says:

    Book her. Or, at the very least, try her out for a few days. She likes living things, a good sign. And, the odds are she’s not depressed. All of which should make her an interesting addition to the household.

  • Aunt Marcia says:

    People who ‘love’ animals usually don’t like people….I’d be careful. And she probably stinks like an animal…sleeps with them, kisses them on the mouth, etc. Feh…

  • Jessica says:

    Maybe you could use Rick’s name in the ad? Or then do you only get Fox news wannabes? Maybe you should get a cat and use her name in the ads.

  • Shane says:

    Book her. Anyone who can have six cats at home and not smell like it with all of those qualifications has just got to be some kind of superfreak ninja childwatching person.

    Looking for nannies/babysitters/wardens to take care of our two-soon-to-be-three children, too. We have so many candidates we don’t know what to do with them. The problem is, the male candidates come with the best references and the most experience. I know I’m betraying my gender, but for some reason I just can’t seem to trust a man alone with my kids.

    I know that’s sad. But what the hell.

  • tracy says:

    We have a neighbor who walks his 4 cats around the block on a leash. I would never let him watch my kids. Just saying. 😉

  • Kdwbellea says:

    I worried how many kids do you need to have before your a child hoarder? Also I have 2 cats 1 Saint Bernard how many cats does one Saint Bernard make now I’m worried I’m a hoarder in bulk form. lol

  • Jeff Silvey says:

    Yeah, I never thought of that. Once you start blogging, it can affect all kinds of things- even looking for a babysitter or nanny. Interesting. But I suppose it can work both ways. Maybe people will want to be your nanny, so that they can get famous by being written about on your blog? Maybe…

  • Stephanie Smirnov says:

    Hire her immediately, woman’s got mad skillz. Do you have any idea how hard it is to get cats to walk on leashes?

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