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I was in Memphis for the holiday and I knew it was going to be a very special Christmas morning because the very first thing my daughter said to me was…

“You forgot to charge my phone.”

And I must have had a disapproving look on my face because it was quickly followed by… “I mean, Merry Christmas!”

And later on I was questioned whether Santa can return the nail polishes in their stockings for different colors. I immediately made a note to ask Santa about the North Pole return policy.

We were in Memphis with my sister and her family for the holiday and I always love seeing them.


Some of my favorite things this year…

The Christmas tree fell over. No one had any helpful information on how it exactly happened. 6 year old Chase said “when I walked in the room it was just falling” which seemed highly suspicious but no one else elaborated. Of course, the only other people in the room were two 3 year olds. And everyone was keeping quiet.

Luckily no one was hurt although the tree never quite bounced back.


Interestingly enough, in this very same room, a vine was growing through the window. Like seriously.


My sister said they kept meaning to go outside and trim it but who has the time when you have 3 kids – including a baby.

OMG the baby!

7 month old Cicely is the CUTEST. Here’s everyone trying to get her to smile for a photo.


Meanwhile, Santa wrote the sweetest note to the kids. But someone needs to seriously tell him it’s “Ho Ho Ho” and not “Hoo Hoo Hoo.”


Maybe he was doing his best owl impersonation. That guy gets giddy after visiting a few million houses.

The trip ended at Graceland where we had to say goodbye to my sister and her family before heading to the airport.


What baby? I’m not leaving with any baby.

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