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I think it’s the parents’ job to recognize natural talent in their own kid.

Like Tonya Harding’s parents were probably like, “Wow. Tonya has some real natural talent on those skates and she also has a knack for finding guys that can swing  a police baton. Sign her up for skating lessons!”

So of course I’m always on the look out for budding talent in my own children so I can steer them on the right course to be a future Olympian or famous musician or Major League pitcher.

Nothing has really stood out over the years except for the time 3-year-old Harlowe ate her weight in pickles but I’m not really sure how to market that skill.

Then 3-year-old Chase started doing magic.

I just watched the David Blaine special on TV so I know that magic is more than putting on a stained magician outfit and showcasing your ability to throw colors into a coloring book while somehow depressing the audience at the same time.

Magicians can have star power!

And you know, Chase might just have it.

Now of course parents often have a tendency to think their child has more talent than he or she really does. That’s where you come in.

Please watch the video (I think you can give me 30 seconds to determine my son’s future) and let me know if he has natural talent as a magician. It’s important that you watch him make the sword disappear at the end to give me a thorough assessment.

mama bird notes:

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(This is a sponsored endorsement but all ideas are my own.)

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