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Before I begin, Senator McCain would just like to tell you that his 104 year-old great great great aunt Bertha has been hospitalized for a minor fainting spell. He sends his thoughts and prayers.

As for me… Having witnessed 3 tedious presidential debates and 1 barely entertaining, mostly grating vice presidential debate, I am just so enormously relieved that Obama turned down McCain’s original request for TEN town hall meetings.

For that reason alone, Obama gets my vote.

Sure it’s super fun to watch the candidates wander around the stage and endlessly suck up to undecided voters (How is anyone STILL undecided? I think they all just want to be on TV).

But TEN town hall meetings? In this economy, no one needs that kind of agony.

So thankfully this was the last hurrah.

And we had the chance to witness a classic, love triangle. Both Obama and McCain are desperately fighting for the affection of Joe the Plumber.

If I remember history correctly, McCain first dated Joe the Plumber and then Obama stole him away with his smooth rap and fancy economic policy.

Now McCain is trying to woo him back with his tax plan, his constant blinking and his copious note taking.

Or at least that’s how I remember it.

I hope Joe the Plumber picks the right man in November.

If not, I hope he at least comes to fix my broken washing machine.

Since moms are usually right, I end with advice from moderator Bob Schieffer’s mom.

“Go vote now. It will make you feel big and strong.”

Or my slightly tweaked version…

“Go vote now. It will make you feel super skinny, sexy and strong.”

Seriously, go vote.

49 Responses to is joe the plumber on facebook?

  • Portia says:

    Was busy at the conference…thanks for the sum up of the debate… I DVR’d it… should I watch it when I get back on Friday? Let me know.

  • Tricia says:

    I keep looking forward to each debate, and then I’ve overcome with some primal need to shut it all out and I have inevitably fallen asleep during each debate.

  • myhouseof6 says:

    i agree, if anyone is undecided at this point in the game they haven’t been listening very well.
    its a pretty clear choice between socialism and capitalism.
    joe the plumber was a perfect example and proof of obama wanting to spread the wealth. hello people!!! that is socialism on its way to marxism!!! he is a very scary man. very scary.
    i will take the blinking guy any day, not so into “big brother” type government.

  • Robyn says:

    Although I enjoyed last night’s debate most of all — I am SO glad they are over! I can finally get to bed at a decent time again…

    (priorities, you know!)

  • wa says:

    My plumber is an old hippie named Z-Dude who would have been MUCH more exciting to talk about than Joe. It would have opened up a whole new discussion about things like…legalizing pot, for example.

  • LittleJ says:

    I completely agree with your post! Like Tricia, I am well rested after another debate. It’s sad, but I’m selfishly grateful that I fell asleep early – my 21 month old is a TERRIBLE sleeper. Of course, as an ex-pat from Canada, I’m accustomed to boring political debates… AND liberal social policies. Believe me, ‘Myhouseof6’, there are countless countries in the world that have not turned ‘Marxist’ as a result of stepping in to help out those in need. Anyone who’s scared should visit our neighbors to the North to see for themselves! (I highly recommend Vancouver, Quebec City or Montreal).

    *sigh* If only I could vote….

  • Thomas says:

    Hello myhouseof6. I like that you contribute to this blog (honest). Your comments always add flavor. Here’s my reaction to what you wrote: When tracked down immediately following the debate (gosh, who would have expected that?), Joe the Plumber acknowledged that his taxes would NOT go up if Obama were elected; that he simply fears that, at some point in the future, they might go up. Under Obama’s tax plan, that would occur ONLY when/if Joe becomes truly wealthy (i.e., when his net income, after ALL expenses, exceeds $250,000 a year). That doesn’t sound like socialism to me. Rather, simple fairness to the vast majority of average folks who make far, far less than a quarter million dollars per year.

  • myhouseof6 says:

    it is a stepping stone in the wrong directions, that is all. let’s do go visit canada, and check out their socialized health care plan shall we? hmmm…. i wonder why so many of them are rushing to the united states to get health care?
    equalization does not breed excellence… just leveling out.

    i really try not to read this darn blog, but i can’t stop. nov 4 can’t get here soon enough.
    i really am ready to not be burdened with my obsession anymore.

  • LittleJ says:

    Tried to control myself, but I can’t….

    Of course, not all programs are perfect. The point I was making is that the ‘slippery slope’ argument is silly, and only unsophisticated politicians like Sarah Palin use it. It’s meant to promote fear, not thought. ok. I’m done πŸ™‚

  • Robin says:

    Myhouseof6 – I think you can rest assured that those who are making over $250,000 are not going to level things out too much with their tax payments. No one making $30,000 is suddenly going to be comfortable and able to pay all of his/her bills.

  • Valerie says:

    Kelcey, I laughed out loud about ten times while reading this post. You are the Jon Stewart of mama bloggers with your hilarious comments about political events. He should bring you on as a guest!

  • jean says:

    I’ve watched all the debates with my 17 year-old daughter, and about halfway through them, we begin to giggle uncontrollably and she and I start parodying the whole circus–we have to get our entertainment somehow…Joe The Plumber: McCain mentioned him over 20 times, 20 times!!!

  • Stephanie says:

    Myhouseof6- I have quite a few friends in Canada and none of them are “rushing to the united states to get healthcare”. In case you hadn’t noticed, the united states no longer has the respect or high standings in the world that it once did. Again, I appreciate your passion for what you believe but I feel as though you post here to ruffle feathers and push buttons. Why this particular blog is an “obsession” for you, I don’t understand.

  • Jennifer H says:

    My birthday falls on election day this year, and I’m angling for a date with Joe the Plumber that night…that is, if both candidates will step aside.

    Has anyone added “refudiate” to the Urban Dictionary yet?

  • You have to wonder what Joe the Plumber thinks about all of this…

    As for me, the most cringe worthy moment is a tie: McCain accusing Obama of “class warfare” because of his tax cuts, and McCain’s facial expression when disparaging pro-choice people for citing a “woman’s health.” Jeez.

  • The Mom Bomb says:

    My horribly shameful admission: I watched the Project Runway finale and Chocolate News instead of the debate. I just can’t hear the words “earmarks” or “preconditions” any more.

  • Milena says:

    I will! And you of course know for whom I’ll vote.

    Funny post Kelcey. Your refreshing way of phrasing what is on my mind constantly makes me feel like your mind reading me but in a better, funnier and more articulate way.

  • Sandy says:

    I heard on my local news station this morning that Joe Wurzelbacher aka Joe the Plumber is not even registered to vote! What does that say?

  • Jessica says:

    In all honesty the election process in this country ain’t a whole lot different that pregnancy. Both take too damn long. Look boys and girls, let’s get the show on the road.

    Socialized medicine isn’t the answer either. In some cases you are better off going to a hospital in this country without any insurance than you are in Canadaland with sociallized medicine.

    I wonder if McCain suffers from Tourette’s… it was almost like watching him stifle facial ticks last night.

    This whole thing is INSUFRABLE!

  • JoLynn says:

    Wow!! There’s a war all it’s own reguarding these post’s!! Politic’s really does bring out the best and worst in certain people!!!

  • Becky says:

    You are too funny!

    and Joe IS registered to vote but he’s not an Obama fan. Which is FINE! We don’t need him on our side.

    Can this all be over now? Please?!

  • Amen, sista! Unfortunatley it took me watching 3 debates on CNN to realize by last night that watching a debate on CSPAN is sooooo much better! I almost want to hit CSPAN’s cite and rewatch the vp debate to see Palin’s flirts with the camera … almost.

  • Melissa says:

    I’ve read this blogs a few times and have never commented, but now I’d like to. So, thank you for letting me get some much needed thoughts off my chest. In my opinion, it is purely socialism v.s. capitalism. If the world views us in such a negative light, then why do we have so many people from all over the world immigrating here??? Because this is the land of opportunity and freedom. Those of you that have friends in Canada, you should ask them “how long does it take for you to get an appointment with your doctor?” Neither candidate is perfect. When I vote on election day I will look at it as if I’m looking at 2 resumes. I will also consider the big reason I’m for McCain is because I feel if we don’t have strong national security, we won’t have an economy. One more thing…for those of you who make fun of McCain’s “robotic gestures,” it’s because of his injuries as a POW. Not very funny since I’ve heard horror stories from my father who was a POW. So, show some respect. Lastly, I think Obama will probably win the election, but you won’t find me being bitter because I don’t dwell on things that are out of my control.

  • Aunt Marcia (Guess Whose?) says:

    Best thing about Elections; especially a Biggie like this one; are the parties on Election Night. Call up your Republican or Democratic Party Headquarters and ask ‘where is the Victory party’…and more than likely if you live in a large city…you’ll be headed off to a hotel/restaurant for free food/drinks/people watching and seeing the results on large screen t.v.’s. Bring a bottle of wine; and you’re welcome. And they don’t know who the hell you voted for; or even if you voted. If they question you, tell them ‘Aunt Marcia sent me’…

  • Seriously, Louis? Joe the Plumber is really Joe Not the Plumber? Oh, how disappointing.

    What I don’t understand is how any middle class Americans believe the Republicans are on their side? And believe the Republicans are in favor of less government? The Republicans want to be inside our bedrooms (gay rights issues) and want to inact laws regarding our bodies (productive rights issues). It’s the ultimate Big Brother!

  • Cathy says:

    You are so funny–I’d much rather be sexy and skinny than big and strong. πŸ˜‰

    I think Joe was put up to this bs by the Republican campaign. It was so obvious that he was a McCain supporter from the get go.

  • Louis says:

    Maybe we should consider that he is just a guy who doesn’t agree with Obama. Why does it have to be some Oliver Stone conspiracy?

  • myhouseof6 says:

    stephanie – i don’t know why you have to be so ugly in your replies to me, i am not a threat to you, i just simply believe in conservative views. to answer you, this blog is not an obsession to me, the election is. im very curious to figure out what makes people like senator obama. i just cant figure out how they can look at a country such as russia and see how socialism failed them and wish that on our country. or look at canada and see how health care there is not even comparable to what you can receive here, everyone can receive, insured or not, its part of our current law.
    and i will throw it out there, the freedom of choice act really frightens me. 16 year old girls should not be able to go have an abortion without at least MENTIONING it to their parents.
    and the economy is not failing because of bush for goodness sakes, its failing because of the democratic led congress – pelosi, barney frank, dodd, reid, just to name a few. yes i am scared and “paranoid”. i do not want eight more years of that type of leadership.

  • Michelle says:

    The Republican party has had eight long years to run this country and they have run it into the ground. Our economy is in ruins, many many americans have no health insurance and the rest of the world has no respect for us. It is time for a change. We don’t need Republican scare tactics. This is the greatest country in the world and we deserve a president that will lead us in the right direction.

  • Aunt Marcia (Guess Whose?) says:

    Houseofsix….keep blogging, keep reading our blogs, watch Comedy Central/The Colbert Report….and pretty soon you’ll be writing as MyhouseofSEX…welcome to the real world…

  • Stephanie says:

    Myhouseof6 – I don’t think my posts have been nearly as ugly as yours. I think we have VERY DIFFERENT ideas as to why the country is in the current mess that it is. I also think we have very different ideas when it comes to the presidential election. I guess we agree to disagree, right? I have never once written untrue or mean comments regarding McCain. I have stated that although I don’t support or agree with him, I do have respect for him. You don’t have to like someone or agree with them but you do need to show respect. I just have to comment on your “idea” that the Democrats are responsible for the mess that comes out of the last eight years. The Democrats have only been the majority for the past two years. Someone else is to blame for the six years before that and I think that MOST Americans would agree that the Bush Administration is the one to blame. His approval rating has been in the dumps for quite some time now and I think people are finally ready for a change. That being said, I do hope Obama wins. However, either man is going to have a VERY tough road ahead of them trying to clean up the mess we are in.

  • Aunt Marcia (Guess Whose?) says:

    Stephanie has been very civil, and I agree with her. If you want to point some fingers at the mess we’re in, it’s the Republicans who deregulated the banks/big business and unfortunately the scum rises to the top. FBI is now investigating Washington Mutual (the bank holding my mortgage) and I have an earful to give them; hopefully they’ll put KERRY KILLINGER and his band of crooks behind bars where they all belong. Making millions isn’t enough for them, they also have to screw each of their customers out of a few extra dollars every month.

  • myhouseof6 says:

    holy gracious day silly girls!!!
    it is totally the democrats who wanted to give loans to people who didn’t deserve them. lets loosen up the rules to allow equality, lets let everybody get a loan… and then in five years when they realize they have to actually make a real payment things go sour. can we all just go look up acorn and see what they are all about? the current financial crisis is a big fat democratic scandal, and it should not be governnments job to regulate home loans. responsibility, accountability – if we could only get back to that philosophy.

  • Melisa says:

    I must admit, I thought Joe THE plumber, was actually Joe Daplumber…as in, it was his last name. By the end of the debate I realized my error. Oops.

    Now we find out that Mr. Joe has everyone after him for lack of paying his taxes and doesn’t even have a valid license. His oops is WAY bigger than my oops.

  • Lanie says:

    Kelc – I am not sure that commenters can do links to your other posts but if I could I would link to your post “can’t we all be nice?”. Great post!

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