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It’s a hard core “vacation” around here. With my four kids and my sister’s newborn baby, we are lucky leave the house by 2 pm. And that’s when we are really trying.

When we return, we are exhausted and loopy.

Clearly, we are in need of a night out.

Conveniently, my dad is here to babysit!

Inconveniently, we have five kids!

Including three babies.

We figure my dad can handle it (since my four will all be asleep before we leave) but we need a fire exit strategy.

In the event of an emergency, how would he get two young kids, two 9-old-month babies and one newborn out of the house? Quickly.

We come up with a solution.

Throw them all in a tote bag…

I am not even kidding. This is the plan we come up with so that we can enjoy a worry free dinner out.

Only potential stumbling block… 4 year-old Summer will probably want to get in the bag too.  We leave it up to my dad to work out that logistic.

Dinner is good.

My brother-in-law orders duck and waffles.

I definitely do not.

There is no fire.

At the restaurant. Or at home.

No emergency plan needed after all.

P.S. No babies were injured in the tote bag demonstration. At least not physically. We are still assessing the emotional damage.

P.P.S. Can you believe my sister let me put her 3-week-old baby into a tote bag?!

mama bird notes:

Looking for stuff to do in NYC over vacation week? Check out Kids Week at the Intrepid. There is some amazing stuff going on. And the clowns are headed to the New York Hall of Science today.  And you can also check out my new fave baby monitor (It will allow you to channel Smokey and the Bandit).

On The Mouthy Housewives today, what to do when your puppy is stuck at home all alone.  The Housewives have the answer.

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