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When you sign up for this thing called parenthood, there is a lot of awesome stuff like finishing their cotton candy, having an excuse to watch Good Luck Charlie and kissing their sweet faces.

But one thing I didn’t realize –  that I would worry about them from the day they were born until… well, forever.  On the long list of motherly worries is personal safety. I can’t be there to protect them every moment of their lives and I feel like it’s important to arm them with the tools to protect themselves.

It’s no longer about, “Don’t Talk to Strangers” since children are often harmed by people that aren’t strangers at all. It’s about giving our kids the skills to recognize and deal with unsafe situations.

Two children’s books I found really helpful are My Body is Special: And Belongs To Me! and Jack Teaches His Friends to be KidSafe! (Disclaimer: One of the authors is part of my extended family but I would never recommend these books if I didn’t think they were excellent.)

SAFETY-COVER-RESIZEDAnd here is another amazing resource! I recently began working with a company called The Mother Company. It’s mission is to help parents raise good people (awesome mission, right?).

And on October 15th, The Mother Company is launching The Safety Show.  Host Ruby (think Mister Rogers meets Mary Poppins) teaches important lessons about personal safety in an entertaining, non-scary show for children.

It’s all about kids trusting their “uh-oh feeling.” Children are taught to recognize their instincts and make the best choices for their well-being.

You can see the show for free in October in the following cities (LA, New York, San Francisco, Chicago and Dallas).  Click here to reserve your tickets.

If you don’t live in one of those cities (Yo, South Florida in the house!) or can’t make the show, you can pre-order your DVD or download it on October 15th. Watch the trailer here. If you purchase the show, you can use the mama bird coupon code: safe144 for 25% off.  That is some super cool savings on a very important topic.

Finally, I’m also writing for The Mother Company, so you can check out my piece called, The Babysitter is Here. And it’s Grandpa. It’s about the famous Tommy Tom. I did not mention T.T. by name in the post because I fear other moms with childcare needs will try to steal him from me. Enjoy.

As stated in this post, I am currently working with The Mother Company but all ideas expressed here are my own.

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